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Getting Started

Getting Started

Each student should make plans to attend New Student Orientation or make an appointment to meet with their advisor.  If you are unsure who your advisor is please contact your program coordinator for this information.  During this initial meeting students will discuss their Plan of Study.  Additionally, students will receive the following upon entry to a program: course load for the semester, Student Handbook, student email information, and any other pertinent information needed for the successful completion of the program. 

Top 10 items needed to get started:

1. If you do not have your Banner ID number contact your department or your advisor to obtain it.

2. Log-on to Banner RAMS Online, Blackboard, and Student Email to ensure you have access.

    Banner RAMS Online (your Banner number is ID and the password is your six digit birthrate)

    Email and Blackboard Instructions

3. Speak with your advisor to determine your schedule

4. Log-on to Banner RAMS Online to register for classes and validate your schedule.

5. Pay your bill on Banner RAMS Online or verify you have financial aid to cover your expenses.

6. Purchase your textbooks.

7. Check into getting the health insurance fee waived

8. Log-on to your courses via Blackboard.

9. Purchase a parking decal if necessary.

10. Print all the syllabi for your courses and prepare a calendar for your assignments.

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