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Rehabilitation Studies, B.S.

Shawn Ricks, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Rehabilitation Studies
Program Coordinator

The Rehabilitation Studies program at WSSU is specifically designed for students who wish to pursue employment or Master's degrees in a variety of areas, including substance abuse counseling, mental health counseling, vocational rehabilitation counseling, school counseling, and career and guidance counseling.


The mission of the Rehabilitation Studies program is to produce qualified and competent professionals who provide services to empower individuals with disabilities, their families, and their communities and enhance their quality of life and status as full citizens.

Career Opportunities:

Successful completion of the Rehabilitation Studies curriculum prepares students for a wide array of opportunities including: case managers, vocational evaluators, job coaches, employment specialists, paraprofessionals, associate professionals, and habilitation technicians. 

Curriculum Requirements:

The Bachelor of Science degree in Rehabilitation Studies requires the successful completion of 120 hours of course work. Please see an example of a plan of study for the degree. To obtain an advisor, call the Rehabilitation Studies Program at 336-750-2580.

Program Requirements:

To qualify for the Bachelor of Science degree in Rehabilitation Studies, the student must satisfy the general studies requirements as well as the major and professional components of the program such as:

  1. Admission into the Rehabilitation Studies program requires a GPA of 2.5 or better.
  2. Maintain a minimum grade of C or better for each major course.
  3. Students must complete and pass all REH prefixed courses with a minimum grade of C or better. Students are required to complete a minimum 120 semester hours of course work (including internship) to qualify for graduation.
  4. Students must complete an application and interview with the program coordinator and faculty.

Minor in Rehabilitation Studies

A minor in Rehabilitation Studies may also be obtained by completing 13 credit hours of Rehabilitation Studies courses and 18 hours of Psychology courses.

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