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Dr. Manual P. Vargas

Manuel P. Vargas

Professor of Education & Interim Dean

Office: 254 Anderson Center
Phone: (336) 750-2370 

Curriculum Vitae

Educational History

Ph.D, University of Alabama, May 1981

M.A., University of Alabama, May 1979

B.A., University of the Americas, 1977


I began my professional career as a fourth and fifth teacher and school principal, mainly in international baccalaureate bilingual schools. In the area of higher education, I have been a faculty member, academic program coordinator, academic department chair, associate dean, interim dean, and now dean of a School of Education and Human Performance.

Throughout my career in higher education, I have been intimately involved in the development and implementation of graduate and undergraduate programs. Concretely, I have had direct responsibilities for the design and implementation of the Middle Grades Education program during my early years in higher education and, more recently, for the Master's degree in School Administration. The majority of our programs must comply with state, regional, and national accreditation expectations; consequently, I have been actively involved in program reviews from the beginning of my professional career.

Program accreditation has been an area where I have made more contributions to the field of teacher education and school administration. I have led successful on-site reviews of our programs, including state and national accreditation exercises; I have served as a consultant at multiple on-site reviews representing the state Department of Public Instruction before the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE); and have participated in multiple education reforms at the state level regarding teacher education programs. I have also participated at the local level in P-12 curriculum development. For example, I led curriculum initiatives to address the growing needs of Latino children and their families in the state of North Carolina; I have participated in community outreach programs with at-risk adolescents; and I have led numerous workshops for teachers, school principals, and central office personnel.

I am very interested in developing a pedagogical approach, which maximizes our students' potential to become self-motivated and independent learners, problem solvers, and innovative professionals within their chosen field. A positive impact on students' developing minds is one of my principal goals as a teacher educator.

Courses Taught

  • EDU 2104: Early Involvement in Teacher Education
  • EDU 2304: Sociological, Historical, and Philosophical foundation of Education
  • ELE 3304: Curriculum Development
  • MGE 3201: The Middle School
  • MGE 3333: Responsive Pedagogy
  • MGE 4302: Emerging Adolescents in the School Setting

Selected Publications

  • Vargas, M. (2012) Impact on Student Learning. Essays in Helping Diverse Students Attain Educational Success: When the Classroom Isn't White and Middle Class. Etim, J. ed. Lewiston, NY: The Edwin Mellen Press.
  • Vargas, M. (2010). Contributing author of Chapter 6: Culturally Diverse Families in Home, school, and community collaboration by Kathy B. Grant and Julie A. Ray. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, Inc.
  • Vargas, M. & Kuhl, P. (2008). Bridging the Communication Gap between Afro-Latino and African American Individuals: An Interdisciplinary Curriculum Initiative. Journal of Hispanic Higher Education. 7(4), 336-345. SAGE Publications.
  • Vargas, M. (2004). Chapter 13: Integration in Teacher Education in Curriculum Integration K-12: Theory and Practice. Edited by James Etim. Lanham, MD: University Press of America.



  • Vargas, M. Bridging the Communication Gap between Afro-Latinos and African Americans: A Position Paper on Interdisciplinary Curriculum Development. The Second International Conference on Interdisciplinary social Sciences. University of Granada, Spain, July 10-13, 2007.
  • Vargas, M., Kuhl, P., & Cruz-Carretero, S. Afro-Latinos: African Presence in Mexico. Paper presented at the 2nd Cross Hemispheric Partnership Conference, June 6-9, 2003, Panamá City, Panamá, Central America.


  • Vargas, M. & Cruz-Carretero, S. (2003) Afro-Latinos: African Presence in Mexico. Paper presented at the 5thAnnual Global Partnership Conference, March 6-9, Arlington, VA.
  • Vargas, M. (2000). Strategies for Addressing the Needs of Latino Students and Exceptional Children. Paper presented at the New York State's Council for Exceptional Children Annual Conference (October 3-5).
  • Vargas, M. (1996). Diversity in California's K-12 and Teacher Education Programs, Sonoma State University's Latino Conference (September).

Media Appearances & Coverage

  • Education Forum -- Access, Equity, and Diversity: Leandro Case, North Carolina Public Television, aired Nov. 2, 2001

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