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The Office of Field and Clinical Experiences (OFCE) plays a critical role in the preparation of teacher education majors and teacher licensure candidates at Winston-Salem State University. The major responsibilities of the OFCE include facilitating all education related field experiences. The OFCE works closely with administrators in local school systems and other approved settings that will provide placement opportunities to support teacher education majors and teacher licensure candidates in becoming highly qualified teachers in their respective areas.

The Curriculum Materials Center (CMC) is the resource center affiliated with the Teacher Education Program at Winston-Salem State University. It primarily supports the faculty and students that are enrolled as teacher education majors. However, all students and faculty of Winston-Salem State University are encouraged to use the facility.

Financial Assistance identifies sources of additional support funding for incoming freshman and continuing students.

Technology and Instructional Resources provides awareness and access points for technological and instructional assets for educators and students.

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