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Important Dates

Avoid the registration lines and validate (pay outstanding balances and enroll for the term) your schedule now. Payment ensures that your schedule will be validated and that your classes will not be purged.

Purge Dates

  • 1st purge is the day before official registration begins (not early registration);
  • 2nd  purge occurs on the last day of drop/add period

*Please note classes are purged due to nonpayment or balances (positive) on the student’s account.

Late Registration                 

Enrolled students who do not register during the designated registration periods for Fall and Spring will be charged a $50 non-refundable Late Registration Fee. The fee will be charged to students who register during the Change of Registration period.

Students who register and classes are purged due to none payment will also be charged a non-refundable late fee of $50.00.

Student Refund Dates

Initial student refunds are issued at the beginning of each semester on the eleventh day after the first day of class. Refunds due to students will be issued after all financial obligations are satisfied. Refunds are not issued on anticipated funds. Additional refunds are processed according to the schedule listed below.

The schedule is subject to change as needed.

Current Year’s schedule for fall and spring regular term:

               FALL 2011                                                                  SPRING 2012

       September 6, 2011                                              January 31, 2012

       September 14, 2011                                             February 8, 2012

       September 30, 2011                                             February 15, 2012

       October 13, 2011                                                 March 15, 2012

       October 31, 2011                                                 March 30, 2012

       November 15, 2011                                               April 15, 2012

       November 30, 2011                                               April 30, 2012

       December 15, 2011                                               May 15, 2012

*Refunds cannot be picked up in the Student Accounts Office. They are mailed to the permanent address on file or directly deposited into your current refund bank account, at the time the refund is issued. (Permanent addresses are updated in the registrar’s office, 202 Thompson Center). If a class is dropped after the drop/add period, there is no financial credit.

Withdrawal Without Financial Penalty

A student who officially withdraws from the university on or before the first day of classes will receive 100% refund of tuition and fees. A student withdrawing after the first day of classes will receive a pro rata refund as follows:

1st Day of Class


1st Week of Class


2nd Week of Class


3rd Week of Class


4th Week of Class


5th Week of Class


6th Week of Class


Charges are refundable by administrative action on a prorated basis for the unexpired portion of the term for the following reasons: death of the student, withdrawal for adequate medical reasons as certified by the University student health center or family doctor, or death in the immediate family which necessitates student withdrawal. Appropriate documentation must be provided to the Registrar. No adjustment of fees will be processed for students dismissed or suspended from the institution for disciplinary reasons. Room and board refunds will be prorated on a weekly basis for the unused weeks remaining in the semester through the thirteenth (13th) week, as of the actual week of withdrawal.

Clause: For student’s receiving financial aid from the government, you are only considered to have earned your financial aid if you have been enrolled for at least 60% of the semester. Thereafter, the amount of money you will receive back in a refund is proportional to the amount of time you were present in class. In addition, for students, specifically, with loans you may end up owing money to the government if you were enrolled 60% or more of the time, even though you did not receive a grade for the class or classes. Contact Student Accounts for more details.

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