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301.7 - Registration

University Group Policy #301.7

I.  Policy Statement

Registration dates are listed on the academic calendar posted on the university’s web site. All students must register at the appropriate time before the beginning of each semester whether they were in attendance the preceding semester or not.

II.    Guidelines

Changes in Registration (Course Adjustment Period or Drop/Add)

Courses of study should be carefully planned under the guidance of the academic advisor so that changes in registration will not be necessary. A student may add and drop courses from his/her schedule until the end of the Change of Registration period which occurs at the beginning of each semester. The Change of Registration Period for each semester is the first ten (10) class days of a fall or spring term, the first three (3) days of a five (5)-week summer session, and the first (7) seven days of a twelve (12)-week Competency Based Education term. The dates appear on the academic calendar. The courses for which a student is registered at the close of the registration period constitute his/her official registration and course load for the semester and count as Attempted Hours. No student will receive credit for any course or courses for which he/she has not properly registered and paid.

Late Registration

Enrolled students who do not register during the designated registration periods for Fall and Spring will be charged a non-refundable Late Registration Fee (see Tuition and Fees webpage for current amount). The fee will be charged to continuing students who initially register or reregister due to non-payment during the Change of Registration period.

 Students who register and classes are purged due to non-payment will also be charged a nonrefundable late fee.

III.     Applicability

This policy is applicable to Winston-Salem State University students including those whose schedules include courses that will not begin until mid-semester (blocked courses).

IV.    Compliance

Students are responsible for complying with all regulations governing registration, change of program, payment of fees, and other registration requirements either described in this catalog or advised otherwise by the administration. Registration procedures can be found on the university’s website for each semester and summer sessions.

Failure to complete the registration process and to pay all fees by the close of the registration period will result in the assessment of a late registration fee and cancellation of schedules. No student will be permitted to register later than the time specified on the calendar.

Responsible Division: Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic & Student Affairs

Authority: Board of Trustees


  • Adopted: December 6, 2013
  • Amended: June 9, 2017