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Spring Open House

Saturday, April 2, 2022 (Virtual) 

#BeTheNext to #UnleashYourGenius. 

WSSU's Spring Open House is your opportunity to interact with faculty, staff, and students while exploring the WSSU experience:

  • Explore organizations that meet your interests by hearing from students, alumni, and staff.
  • Learn about the admission application process and how to join the Ramily.
  • Discuss academics and majors of interest with faculty at our Academic Fair. 

Registration is closed, but you can still WATCH THE LIVE STREAM here. 

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April 2, 2022


10 am: Opening Ceremony | WATCH THE LIVE STREAM
Chancellor's Opening Address
Introduction to the Ramily
Your Health and Wellness
Student Support Offerings, Admissions Advice, How Financial Aid Can Help 
Life on Campus

11:15 am: Life on Campus 
11:35 am: Academic Fair  

Explore these exciting areas of interest: 

Visit Our Programs page to explore programs and majors from these exciting areas of interest. 

Art and Entertainment: African American Literature (Minor)​  Art (Major, Minor)​  Chinese (Minor)​  Dramatic Arts (Minor)​  English (Major, Minor)​  Interdisciplinary Studies (Major)​  ​Music (Major, Minor)​  Music Business (Minor)​  Philosophy (Minor)​  Portuguese (Minor)​  Religious Studies (Minor)​  Spanish (Major, Minor)​  Swahili (Minor)​

Arts & Entertainment

Business leadership entrepreneurship: Accounting (Major, Minor)​  Business Administration: Finance, Management, MIS, Marketing (Major)​  Business (Minor)​  Economics (Major, Minor)​  Management Information Systems (Minor)​  Marketing (Minor)​  Non-Profit Leadership Program (Cert)​  Finance (Minor)​  Management (Major)​

Business, Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Education: Birth to Kindergarten Education (Major, Minor)​  Elementary Education (K-6) (Major, Minor)​  Teaching (Major)​  English as a Second Language (Minor)​  Special Education (Minor)​  ​


pe students: Coaching (Minor)​  Physical Education (Major, Minor)​  Recreation (Minor)​  Sport Management (Major)​  Sports Medicine (Minor)​  Motorsport Management (Major)​  ​
Health, Physical Education & Sports Studies

Health Sciences: Addiction Studies (Minor)​  Clinical Laboratory Science (Major)​  Deaf Studies (Minor)​  Exercise Science (Major)​  Healthcare Management (Major)​  Nursing (Major)​  Public Health (Minor)​  Rehabilitation Studies (Major, Minor)​  Social Work (Major)​  Therapeutic Recreation (Major)​

Health Sciences & Nursing 

Science Technology Engineering Math: Biology (Major, Minor)​  Biotechnology (Minor)​  Chemistry (Major, Minor)​  Computer Science (Major, Minor)​  Data Science (Minor)​  Information Technology (Major)​  Management Information Systems (Major, Minor)​  Mathematics (Major, Minor)​  Neuroscience (Minor)​  Physics (Minor)

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Social Justice and Advocacy: Africana Studies (Major, Minor)​  Gerontology (Major, Minor)​  History (Major, Minor)​  Interdisciplinary Studies (Major)​  Justice Studies (Major, Minor)​  Legal Studies (Minor)​  Mass Communications (Major, Minor)​  Military Science (Minor)​  Political Science (Major, Minor)​  Psychology (Major, Minor)​  Sociology (Major, Minor)​  Speech Communications (Minor)​  Urban Studies and Sustainability (Minor)​  ​

Social Sciences

Special Bonus Session

Paying for College

Paying for College