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The Office of Institutional Assessment and Research collects and reports survey data.  The results for reoccurring university surveys are available below.  Beginning in Spring 2016, results of several surveys were made available in an Institutional Survey Dashboard.  Reports for student, faculty and staff assessments are also available below.  Please click the plus sign beside each assessment to learn more and access the results.

The IAR staff is available to assist WSSU faculty and staff with survey development and reporting.  Before launching a survey, members of the campus community should consult with IAR to discuss the survey development process and data that may already be available.  We have recently assisted Human Resources, the School of Health Sciences, UCaLL, and many other departments with surveys for customer service, evaluation, research, and assessment.  To learn more about how we can help with your survey project, look over our Survey Request Process.

To learn more about any of these assessments, contact Institutional Assessment & Research at 336-750-8036.

Student, Faculty, Staff Survey Reporting