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Community Standards and Civility

We are WSSU Office of Community Standards and Civility CreedThe Office of Community Standards & Civility seeks and strives to promote ethical conduct through personal responsibility, encouraging civility and integrity, and a sense of community amongst WSSU students. The Office of Community Standards & Civility strives to promote campus safety and harmony by maintaining an environment consistent with WSSU educational purposes and operations.

The Office of Community Standards & Civility's mission is to educate students on the policies of the University pertaining to conduct and their student rights. By educating students on the integrity and ethical standards of their community, it creates an environment for students to consider, in advance, the consequences of behavioral infractions, to accept responsibility for one's own actions in and out of the university, create social justice advocates, and creates an environment for students to understand that they are more than just a student at WSSU, but a representation our community.

Office of Community Standards & Civility Values

Responsibility • Civility • Integrity • Community


  • To assist students in maturely accepting accountability for his/her actions and determine with the student the reasons for the misconduct.
  • To promote and educate parties on student advocacy and resources on campus.
  • To foster the personal, social and ethical development of those students whose behavior is in conflict with University expectations, both in and out of the classroom.
  • To reduce recidivism rates of conduct infractions by way of implementing a mixed methods approach to conduct (restorative justice and model code).
  • To reacclimate former infraction students to the campus community through restorative practices.
  • To educate students, faculty and staff of the WSSU Students' Code of Conduct, university policies & procedures, and how North Carolina laws/policies could affect them on and off-campus via training sessions and educational workshops.

The RAM Standards
Community • Fairness • Excellence • Honor • Innovation

The RAM Standards are our core values that further exhibit pride, legacy, and tradition thatRam Standards comes with being part of the Winston-Salem State University community. The RAM Standards exhibits what is means to be a student at Winston-Salem State University.  All students are expected to uphold these standards and abide by our Students' Code of Conduct.  These values embody our motto: Enter to Learn, Depart to Serve.  We invite you to Know the Code and Connect with the Code and help us promote the RAM Standards!

  • Community: "Ramily" Matters - We care, serve, and inspire. 
  • Fairness: Be Fair - We are impartial and create unique opportunities for all to succeed.
  • Excellence: Bring Your 'A' Game - We exceed expectations because excellence is our standard.
  • Honor: Do the Right Thing - We act consistently with honor.
  • Innovation: Create the Future - We challenge norms by generating fresh ideas and inventing new realities.ware of the RAM Red Flags: Actions and behaviors that can cause severe harm to the overall campus community.

WSSU "I Pledge" Campaign

What do you pledge to do to make sure that your Homecoming is not only enjoyable, but SAFE?


Mr. Cord Jennings
Director of Community Standards & Civility
Thompson Center 303