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Unleashing the Genius!

RAMILY, we are calling on all alumni, organizations, family, and friends to help us celebrate Ram excellence. 

Make a gift today that will impact our students, enhance programming, infrastructure, and innovation amongst our campus.  In honor of Winston-Salem State University's recent accomplishment, we encourage your investment in Athletics, Scholarship, and and Academic excellence! DONATE NOW!!!

Thank you for supporting student success! Our Rams are depending on you to help Unleash Their Genius!


Make Your Gift Now

Investing in your alma mater makes a difference! 


Alumni giving makes an impact in several ways. Your gift:

  • Supports our students and helps them graduate on time.
  • Is the perfect way to illustrate the value that you place on your WSSU experience.
  • Inspires fellow alumni and friends of the university to give as well.
  • Increases support from major donors, corporations, and foundations. They want to give to institutions that others are supporting too.
  • Improves the reputation, national ranking, and future enrollment for WSSU.