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Welcome to Research at WSSU

Winston-Salem State University is a teaching and research institution, providing students with access to exceptional pedagogy and groundbreaking investigative opportunities. WSSU’s research capacity has grown over the past 5 years, largely due to the efforts of our investigators and strategic investments in resources, personnel, and extraordinary investigators dedicated to mentorship and discovery.

As Associate Provost for Research & Innovation, my focus is to develop, promote, and implement the research of our faculty and staff, ensuring that their work appropriately relates to student success and WSSU’s 2030 “Unleash the Genius” Strategic Plan. The Office of Sponsored Programs broadly supports the research and scholarly pursuits of the faculty, staff, and students at WSSU. Our goal is to provide investigators with the necessary support to find grant announcements (Grant Opportunities), establish collaborations, initiate grants (INOI), submit grants (Pre-Award), obtain and manage grants (Post-Award), and assist with grant-related activities such as reporting and compliance (Compliance).

Dr. Shawn Holt
Dr. Shawn Holt

With committed, distinctive service, our overarching mission is to foster transformative research, scholarship, discovery, and innovation in all disciplines at WSSU in order to impact society nationally and globally.

Please explore the many Centers, programs, and opportunities that WSSU offers.

Types of Research

Health Science Research

Enhancing the specialized skills of our future healthcare workforce while addressing health problems in general and underserved populations.

Discover Health Science Research @ WSSU

Humanities Research

Preparing students with essential and critical skills for the 21st century while reaching beyond traditional ways of researching by merging subject, culture, and technologies.

Discover Humanities Research @ WSSU

Social Science Research

Improving psychological, physical, and emotional outcomes of people through focused research on attitudes, motivations, and justification of actions within society.

Discover Social Science Research @ WSSU

STEM Research

Building a more diverse workforce, WSSU's rigorous and beneficial scientific research contributes important knowledge to STEM fields.

Discover STEM Research @ WSSU

Researchers engaged with our centers and institutes have opportunities to solve community based problems and really make a difference. Together, we are addressing the economic and social challenges that impact our region, North Carolina and beyond. 

We're preparing students to become the next generation of scientists, social scientists, and health practitioners. There are opportunities for all students, faculty and community to be involved in research at WSSU.

Areas of Research Opportunity



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