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RamALERT - Emergency Notification System

RamALERT is Winston-Salem State University’s Emergency Notification System. In the event of a campus emergency or threat, RamALERT is activated to warn faculty, staff, and students of the situation and any appropriate precautions they should take. RamALERT utilizes multiple mechanisms to issue warnings on campus that include: SMS text messaging, voice (phone), e-mail, siren, and display monitors.


No one can predict when an emergency or threat may impact the campus or his/her location when warnings are issued. Therefore, it is vital that students, faculty, and staff take advantage of every warning mechanism. In addition, parents/relatives are invited to utilize these warning mechanisms as well.

We use the following precedence for emergency notifications:

  1. TIER ONE: The first tier of emergency notification is for our students, faculty and staff. This notification occurs immediately after we’ve determined that an incident has occurred on or near campus that requires prompt actions to be taken by those on campus to safeguard them self from any imminent threat.
  2. TIER TWO: The second tier of emergency notification is for the parents or guardians of our students and close relatives/loved ones of our faculty and staff. This notification is not immediate, but occurs as soon as is feasible to advise these interested parties of what has occurred or is occurring.
  3. TIER THREE: The third and final tier of emergency notification is for the media and general public. They are informed by our Public Information Officer after our first two tiers have been notified, and the situation allows for such notification without compromising response efforts.

You must register your mobile number to receive RamALERT text and voice notifications

Costs: Winston-Salem State University does not charge for participation in RamALERT. However, when you register to receive emergency notifications via text and/or voice messaging, you agree to incur any applicable costs from your carrier for receiving these messages.

Privacy: All cell phone numbers that are registered with RamALERT are confidential, and will be used for emergency notification purposes only.

Registration Instruction

To register for RamALERT, click on the appropriate link below:

Parents/Relatives Sign up instructions - under development

* By registering to receive emergency notifications via text and/or voice messaging, you agree to
incur any applicable costs from your carrier for receiving these messages.

* RamALERT contacts are updated on Friday of each week.

Message Types

Alert: Alert messages indicate that an emergency incident or condition that requires immediate attention has occurred. Example: “WSSU is under a TORNADO WARNING; take cover immediately”

Notification: Notification messages include general safety information or a resolution to an Alert message. Example: “The tornado warning has been lifted; the campus has returned to normal conditions”

Test: Tests of RamALERT are conducted on the first Wednesday of each month at 11:55 a.m. Monthly tests DO NOT include text and voice messaging except in September and February when a full system test is conducted.

Message ID: E-mail messages will come from “"

Voice messages will come from the campus emergency number, “336-750-2323

Contact: Questions regarding the RamALERT Emergency Notification System should be directed to the Emergency Management Director: Phone: 336-750-2863.