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RamALERT Emergency Notification System

RamALERT is Winston-Salem State University's Emergency Notification System. A RamAlert is an emergency notification that the University uses to instantly send emergency information to students, faculty, and staff. A RamAlert may be in the form of an email, text message, phone call, Rave Guardian push notification, or desktop alert. 


How do I sign up for RamAlert? All WSSU email addresses (ending in and are automatically subscribed to the RamAlert system. You can add your mobile phone to the system if you wish to receive text or voice alerts. You can also add additional email addresses to your account.

You must register your mobile number to receive RamALERT text and voice notifications!

Mobile Phone Registration Instructions

To register for RamALERT, click on the appropriate link below:

Can parents register for RamAlert?

While parents or guardians may not subscribe directly to RamAlerts, your student has the option to add additional contact numbers and email addresses to their account.

Option One: Students that have already confirmed their Banner info may register their additional contact information into their student Banner account as an additional emergency contact number.

Option Two: Students can register their parent or guardian's contact information into the student’s Rave account. Students can enter up to three email addresses and three cellular contacts within their RamAlert account. Log into the RaveAlert website to add additional contact information.

Option Three: To receive text alerts only, anyone can text the code "RamAlert" to number 67283. You will then be registered to receive Winston-Salem State University RamAlert emergency text messages. You may text the word "STOP" to the same number anytime you no longer wish to receive alerts. Rave does not charge subscribers to send or receive SMS messages. Standard or other messaging charges apply depending upon your wireless carrier plan and subscription details.

What is Rave Guardian?

Rave Guardian is a mobile safety application that serves as another way to receive RamAlerts. The Rave Guardian application has several other safety features, such as safety timers and anonymous reporting of suspicious activity. 

Do I need to download the Rave Guardian app to receive RamAlerts? No. The app has an inbox to receive RamAlerts, but phone, email, and SMS text alerts will continue to be available. In fact, we encourage you to enable multiple delivery options for RamAlerts to ensure you see timely alerts. 

Is info sent through Rave Guardian anonymous? If you desire. When initiating a chat with WSSU Public Safety, users will have the option to “go anonymous.” When this option is triggered, WSSU Public Safety will not receive identifiable information when the chat is initiated. Note: this also means WSSU Public Safety will not have alternate ways of contacting the user outside of the Rave Guardian app.

Where do I get the Rave Guardian app? Rave Guardian is available for free in the iOS App Store or in Google Play.

Who can use Rave Guardian? The application is available for use by all currently registered Winston-Salem State University students and current employees of the university. Subscribers to the application must use a WSSU email address to login.

What resources can I use in Rave Guardian? Rave Guardian contains a digital safety timer. The app also has a safety feature that directly connects you to WSSU Police and Public Safety (or 9-1-1 if off-campus) in an emergency, as well as the ability to submit an anonymous tip, should you see something suspicious. You can also find an interactive campus map, information on mental health resources and scheduling, live weather conditions, and campus department contact numbers.

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Frequently Asked Questions about RamAlert:

I don’t have a university email address; can I still receive emergency alerts? Occasionally, individuals who aren't directly affiliated with Winston-Salem State University would like to receive emergency alerts. Use Option 3, detailed above, to register your mobile phone number for RamAlerts.

What mobile phone carriers are supported by the alert system? All U.S. mobile carriers are supported by our emergency alert system.

Is there a cost? Rave does not charge subscribers to send or receive SMS messages. Standard or other messaging charges apply depending upon your wireless carrier plan and subscription details.

What other ways can I stay informed about emergencies at WSSU? Be sure to visit our emergency notifications webpage for current alerts and situation updates.

Who do I contact if I have questions? Questions regarding the RamALERT Emergency Notification System can be directed to the Office of Emergency Management at .