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Ram Relief

COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is having devastating effects across the globe and within the WSSU community.

The Ram Relief Fund offers assistance to WSSU students being economically affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ram Relief Fund

The Ram Relief Fund was formed by the institutional leaders of Winston-Salem State University to assist WSSU students directly with support not covered by government programs and other traditional relief sources. Funds collected will be made available to provide assistance to WSSU students in times of future national disaster need.

Funds are intended to meet immediate, short-term needs for food, medicine, travel, communication resources or educational supplies.

Relief funds shall be disbursed in the form of grants, up to a maximum one-time grant up to $500, to eligible students.

Assistance will be granted in cases where the student or family has exhausted all of their monetary assets to pay for the above listed items that could potentially cause the student to abandon their higher education pursuits.

For 126 years, Winston-Salem State University has been dedicated to serving our state and our community. As a Ram Family, I know we will do everything we can to help those in need following this terrible disaster.

Chancellor Elwood L. Robinson