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Introducing the People of WSSU

We’re telling the story of Winston-Salem State University one person at a time. People of WSSU gives a glimpse of the people that make up the fabric of the university. Based on Humans of New York - a photoblog and book of street photographs and interviews of New York City residents and visitors - People of WSSU is a social media catalog that aims to highlight the diverse faculty, staff, students and alumni of WSSU.

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Credit: WSSU Photo 


Duvontae Covington

"My connection to Winston-Salem State University is deeply rooted — with a passion. I love the family aura of the university. I played football while I was here, and I am a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Throughout my journey, WSSU has been the sole reason for who I am today as I develop into the essence of manhood."

Duvontae Covington '14




Credit: WSSU Photo


Chantell Huell

“I started vlogging my freshman year because there were no vlogs about the WSSU experience. Before coming to campus, I wanted to know what to look forward to and what to look out for. So I decided to start vlogging when I got here because I felt others would want to know the same things. Vlogging has become a way for me to not only make a difference in the lives of others, but it has helped me to grow as a person and an artist. I have become more confident and able to take risks. It will also help me pursue my dream of becoming an actress.” 

Chantell Huell, senior mass communications major from Warsaw
HBCU Buzz named her one of the top HBCU vloggers in 2017



Credit: WSSU Photo


Nysean Miguel Barker

"Music is a universal language that has changed my life. Drums are my God-given talent and I am honored to bring them to the illustrious Red Sea of Sound. Membership in this program allows every bandsmen to showcase musical excellence, dignity, and esprit de corp. I love the band!"

Nysean Miguel Barker, junior business administration major from Flint, Michigan and member of the Red Sea of Sound drumline 




Photo Credit: User Submitted


Te'Drenna Coleman

"Capturing the Ram community through my lens is what has made my HBCU experience so amazing. What I enjoy the most is being able to capture diverse personalities at various campus events. Whenever people ask me what WSSU is like, I just show them some photos I’ve taken because they’re able tell the story of our beautiful Ramily better than I can. It also makes me feel good that the photos I take help illustrate what WSSU has to offer and what Ram Pride truly is." #peopleofwssu #wssu21

Te'Drenna Coleman, sophomore, mass communications major from Fayetteville and photography intern with Integrated Marketing Communications at WSSU.



Credit: WSSU Photo


Christina Placilla

“I have loved music since I was a kid and was often singing and dancing along to whatever was playing in the background. I truly became passionate about it in high school and was called to a life of performing professionally at the tender age of 17 in Southern California. Once I realized I could actually make money doing what I loved, it was a natural fit.” 

Dr. Christina Placilla, associate professor of music



Credit: WSSU Photo


Sherri Wilson

“The source of my passion is the love I have for the university and the students. WSSU has been a part of my life from as far back as I can remember. As a child, I remember going to the Homecoming parades and enjoying the games. This is why I am always willing to assist WSSU students, faculty and staff with any request that is needed. Student Success is a priority. Anything that will help the students to be successful is what I am ready to do. That includes showing support at athletic events, in the classroom or at special events.” 

Sherri Wilson '08, AEP and Testing Coordinator, University College and Lifelong Learning 




Photo Credit: Someher Purcell-burns, sophomore, mass communications major


Victoria Jernigan

“It feels great to be a part of something that’s bigger than myself, especially coming all the way from Virginia. I love it here, I love the family atmosphere. It’s like I have my own family here at the university and back at home in VA. I toured Winston and the moment I stepped foot on campus I knew that this was where I was supposed to be... There is no family like my Ramily!”
Victoria Jernigan, junior, healthcare management major



Credit: Someher Purcell-Burns, sophomore, mass communication major


Steven Khan

“I am Mr. African Student Union. Coming from a different background it has been beneficial to learn and appreciate all aspects of our culture. African customs and beliefs are different, but I’ve learned to adapt throughout my time here. As a part of the African Student Union our job is to bridge the gap for kids of non-African descent to learn more about African culture. My sister is a WSSU alumna, and during her time here, she showed me a wonderful path that I would soon be taking at WSSU. One of the things that makes my school standout is the family vibe and wonderful southern hospitality. Just like my sister, one day I will be an alumnus of the university. I cannot wait to show the world what the university has done for me.” 

Steven Khan, sophomore, exercise science major