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Meet the 2017-18 Mr. and Miss WSSU

From left: Jordan Reaves and Jerel Smith, this year’s Mr. and Miss WSSU

This article first appeared in Archway Magazine.

It’s an exciting time to be a WSSU Ram. As WSSU celebrates its 125th anniversary, WSSU News caught up with Jerel Smith and Jordan Reaves, this year’s Mr. and Miss WSSU, to discuss the 125th, campus life, future endeavors and more.

Jordan Reaves

Hometown: Southern Pines, NC

Major: Business Administration

Q: What is it like to represent WSSU on its 125th anniversary year?

It is such a blessing. I am so honored and excited to have the privilege to be a representation of the excellence we produce here at WSSU at such an honorary time in our history.

Q: What’s your favorite chill spot on campus?

That would have to be the breezeway outside of the Thompson Center. I love the breezeway because it gives the campus a sense of community. It’s a place where you can connect with friends, clear your mind, and participate in student created activities, like fundraisers and social awareness events, or just enjoy an Italian ice while listening to a DJ on the yard. It brings us together as a family to have fun and enjoy one another.

Q: What do you hope will be your legacy and contribution to the university this year?

In this 125th year of WSSU, I hope my legacy exhibits authenticity, inspiration, empowerment and determination. I want to encourage students to be anything they desire to be, no matter where they came from, or what they have been through. With much prayer, drive and ambition, there are no limits to what you can achieve. I plan to contribute positivity to the tradition of RAM PRIDE.

Q: How has WSSU prepared you to “Depart and Serve” after graduation?

WSSU has instilled in me a spirit of service and the determination to help others. This university has taught me the importance of giving back and trained me to help the next generation of leaders. Using what I have learned at WSSU and what I have been given here has given me the desire to never stop serving.

Jerel Smith

Hometown: Lexington, NC

Major: Mass Communications

Q: What is it like to represent WSSU on its 125th anniversary year?

It’s the utmost honor to serve my university during the 125th year. I am looking forward to meeting so many alumni and living through their vivid storytelling.

Q: The buildings on WSSU’s campus are named after some extraordinary people. If you could have a building on campus named after you, what types of services would it have inside?

A building named after me would contain an innovation space where students can brainstorm ideas, create cool photography, videography projects and other abstract things that they have been taught in the classroom.

Q: What do you hope your legacy and contribution will be to the university this year?

It is an honor to join such a long-lasting lineage of kings, traditions, and love for our wonderful university. I hope to leave a legacy of encouragement for students who may not believe that they can achieve their goals. I hope that the support that I give WSSU students this year will help to continue the school’s legacy of producing the best and brightest for another 125 years.

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years, and how has WSSU prepared you for this future?

I see myself being the CEO of my own talent management and production company in California. Studying mass communications at WSSU has allowed me to be very hands-on with my studies within the field. I have also been afforded the opportunity to participate in several internships that have given me the knowledge I would need to own my own company.

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