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RAMGuide, WSSU’s mobile advisor, has new name

Navigate is a mobile app that helps students keep up with deadlines, appointments, important dates and more - all from their phones. 

EAB Guide, known as RAMGuide at Winston-Salem State University, is now EAB Navigate Student.

Navigate Student, a mobile advisor developed by the education research and technology company EAB, enables students to manage their education from their phones.

Identical to Guide, Navigate Student helps students create well-defined academic plans, track their progress towards degree completion, connect with activities and resources on campus, and communicate with advisors – all in the palm of their hands.

WSSU’s 2018-19 incoming freshmen were the first students encouraged to download the mobile app when they arrived on campus in the fall. This name change is just in time for the rollout of phase two of the application, which will invite all students to download the app.

“Eight-five percent of the 950 incoming freshmen downloaded the mobile application within the first week of the Aug. 13 launch, which was one of the fastest adoption rates in EAB history,” said Derick Virgil, dean of the Student Success Collaborative at WSSU. “Upon rollout next semester, we expect a large part of the upper-class population to download the app as well.”

Students who have already downloaded the application will not be affected by the name change.

“The only changes to the app that students will see is the name and logo,” Virgil said. “The services are the same and all of their data will remain intact.”

According to EAB, the platform uses data such as study habits, work commitments, and personal needs to create a course schedule that works best for the individual student, and provides a nudge when a student needs to take action to stay on track.

In addition, EAB provides tools for advisors and administrators to help college leaders improve practices and supports.

EAB Navigate Campus, the web-based software that connects with Navigate Student and tells advisors which students are at risk of falling behind, will continue to be synced to the app.

“The point is to help our students stay on task and to help them to persist,” Virgil said. “Students will receive alerts through the app that will remind them to do important tasks related to their major.”

EAB Navigate Student is available in the Apple iOS Store and the Android Google Play Store. For more information, visit

Student Success Technologies Suite

EAB Navigate Student and Campus represent just two of the new and enhanced technologies WSSU has embraced to help their students succeed in college.

This academic year, WSSU has rolled out a dozen technologies designed to improve retention and graduation rates and to help students, faculty and staff work smarter.

For more information about these new tools, visit the Student Success Technologies website.

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