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Twins are earning their MBAs together

Julia (left) and Jessica Short enrolled in WSSU's MBA program in August 2018. 

Twin sisters Jessica and Julia Short are pursuing their MBA together. 

The sisters say Winston-Salem State University’s (WSSU) Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is helping them learn more about each other.

“Being in the program together as sisters has allowed us to bond and learn more about each other and our interests,” says Julia Short. “As twins, we have done many things together as we have both been a support system for each other throughout our time in the program.”

The two sisters also are making a difference in their community.

As part of the Center for the Study of Economic Mobility at WSSU, they completed an independent study to examine food deserts in the East Winston area.

“The quality of life in this part of town is unfortunately diminishing. Our goal with this study is to bring more awareness to this problem through research and to possibly develop a solution,” Julia Short says. “As young business-minded individuals we feel that it is important to be vigilant of the issues going on in our community.”

They enrolled at WSSU in August 2018 after earning their bachelor’s degrees from Queens University in Charlotte. Jessica Short earned a degree in sociology, and Julia Short a degree in business administration.

Both work full time in Winston-Salem. Jessica Short works at Aviation Services Ireland (ASI) and her sister at Hanesbrands.

Choosing WSSU’s MBA program was a no-brainer, Jessica Short says.

“We chose WSSU’s MBA Program because of the curriculum that it offers. Their academic offerings were very much aligned with the education we wanted to receive,” Jessica Short says. “Not only do they offer an affordable program, their flexible class schedule is also a great addition.”

The ability to work full time while pursuing a master’s degree also played a large role.

“The program offers a very flexible schedule and works very well for us. We both work full time, so attending class two nights a week allows us to prioritize and manage our time between both our professional work and school assignments,” she says. “So far, we are doing pretty good with managing this.”

They expect to earn their MBA degrees in May 2021.

WSSU recently won a $100,000 grant from the American Heart Association that will improve Simon’s Green Acre garden which will help solve the issue of food insecurity in Winston-Salem.

Through the grant, WSSU has partnered with two existing community initiatives to mobilize and connect campus and community resources.

Designed for working professionals, WSSU’s offers a competitive MBA degree that is among the most affordable in the country. For more information, please visit the MBA webpage.

Isaiah Green '19 was an intern for Integrated Marketing Communications. 

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