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Class of Fall 2023 Where Are They Headed? Jason McRae

Winston-Salem State University celebrates the accomplishments of the Class of Fall 2023 as they “Depart to Serve” the larger community using the knowledge and skills they developed in their time at the university.

Chancellor Anthony Graham congratulated the Class of Fall 2023 by saying “You’ve focused on what was important in terms of your academics, but you’ve also taken the time to grow professionally and personally. You are well positioned to go out into the world and become a transformative servant leader.”

Name: Jason McRae

Hometown: Trenton, NJ

Major: Master of Arts in Teaching - Special Education

Jason McRae served as a resident advisor and lead peer educator for the SAMHSA “got AIDS” campaign under the Office of Student Development. He was also a member of the Inspirational Voices of WSSU Gospel Choir, member of Real Men Teach, and was recently inducted as a member of the Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society.

What is your next step after graduation?
I will continue in my role as an EC Collaborative Teacher at Davie County High School in Mocksville, NC. I also plan to work towards obtaining National Board Certification as an Exceptional Needs Specialist under the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards in the near future.

How has WSSU helped to develop you as a person?
As a transfer student arriving to WSSU from out of state, I was completely unaware of the HBCU experience. Attending WSSU afforded me the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone as an introvert and ultimately taught me the meaning of service. I held different leadership positions in different organizations, which challenged me to step up and become a leader amongst others. I also learned the power of networking with others in those same roles, but also serving the WSSU and Winston-Salem community. But most of all, WSSU has given me another chance to be the person I am today. I have become a goal-driven scholar who has aspired to be a voice for fellow educators.

How has WSSU prepared you to pursue your ultimate goals?
WSSU pushed me towards my passion of becoming a teacher through field experiences in the Winston-Salem community; and university professors who challenged me to become a professional and reflective special education teacher.

What will you miss most about WSSU?
Everything about the campus! From the people, college life, the environment, and being involved with the university, WSSU will always hold a special place in my journey. I would love to volunteer and give back in any way that I am able.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about attending WSSU?
Take the time to visit the campus and gain some understanding about the major you are interested in. Understand the costs and have conversations with students about what college life is like.

Who has encouraged you on your journey?
During my time at WSSU, my mother was determined to see me succeed. My drive to push through adversity came from her as she worked to obtain her master’s degree when my twin sister and I were infants so long ago. She passed away from COVID in 2020, weeks before I completed my bachelors’ degree at WSSU. I know that she and my late twin sister are proud of my accomplishments. My family has been my source of support and encouragement, and I am very excited to show my children what it means to accomplish your goals!

If you could give advice to the freshman version of yourself, what would it be?
Use your time WISELY and BE DISCIPLINED! There is plenty of time to enjoy college life and have fun with the people you surround yourself with. But remember the only person that is in charge of your success is you. It is earned and not given. That is how you separate yourself from others.


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