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Class of Fall 2023 Where Are They Headed? Tiffani Cash

Winston-Salem State University celebrates the accomplishments of the Class of Fall 2023 as they “Depart to Serve” the larger community using the knowledge and skills they developed in their time at the university.

Chancellor Anthony Graham congratulated the Class of Fall 2023 by saying “You’ve focused on what was important in terms of your academics, but you’ve also taken the time to grow professionally and personally. You are well positioned to go out into the world and become a transformative servant leader.”

Name: Tiffani Cash

Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC

Major: Elementary Education

Tiffani Cash

As a non-traditional student (adult learner), Tiffani Cash did not have the pleasure of getting involved in many of the traditional college student activities. She is an active member of the Phi Eta Sigma National Honors Society and was recently inducted into the Alpha Kappa Mu Honors Society. This was one of her greatest accomplishments because she along with 13 others, made history at WSSU by being inducted in the first cohort in 20 years of the Alpha Kappa Mu Honors Society on the campus of WSSU. She wrote and recited a poem entitled, “Boy, My Teacher,” for the Education Preparation Program (EPP) pinning ceremony; and gave a speech at the “Unleash their Genius” Scholarship luncheon, where she received a merit-based scholarship.

What is your next step?
As of graduation, I will begin teaching fifth grade at the glorious Diggs-Latham Elementary School (Tiger Nation) right here in WSFCS. I have served this school and my students/family from 2020 to currently as the Reach Associate of fifth grade. I plan to start my Master of Education program within the next year.

How has WSSU helped to develop you as a person?
I am currently Winston-Salem Forsyth County School District (WSFCS) Classified Employee of the year! WSSU has developed me not only as a person, but also as a social justice advocate, future collaborator for change in our school system, and most importantly an effective educator. WSSU has prepared me to be not only a master of my pedagogy, but also a voice for that child who has been, indeed, left behind. Thank you, WSSU, for giving me the tools to close the learning gaps across all demographics and the strategies necessary to create future leaders of our society.

How has WSSU prepared you to pursue your ultimate goals?
By earning my bachelor’s degree at the illustrious Winston Salem State University, I will be taken seriously in the meetings that require the hard conversations necessary to see data gains for students of Forsyth County. Furthermore, I have the knowledge now of the latest theorists and practices to see student success thanks to WSSU! I have been working in education since 2017, and I now feel beyond prepared to help continue the positive changes we have made in WSFCS. 

What will you miss most about WSSU?
I will miss, most of all, the dedication to my success from literally the entire education department. Professors, deans, and more would meet with me outside of their office hours and maintained a true open-door policy to address any of my questions/concerns or simple greetings that I wanted to offer. It is truly a “Family” when you are a part of WSSU. We are all truly in it to win it together.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about attending WSSU?
My advice is to not think about it, simply COME! Set up that visit or tour so you can see that as soon as you set foot on campus, the overwhelming feeling you get is: I’m home! It will require your dedication, commitment and passion for mastering your craft, but what great achievement doesn't?

Are there particular faculty or staff who supported or inspired you?
The entire education department has been more than supportive and is the reason that I have seen success. However, to specifically address those leaders and advocates in education that inspired me are Dr. Brenda Kennedy, Dr. Kimberly Pemberton, Dr. Dawn Tafari and Dr. Cynthia Wooten. Without you four amazing educators keeping me focused, answering the silliest of questions, and genuinely advocating for me whenever I needed you most, I would not have been able to be a proud mother of two children and a Summa Cum Laude graduate of the most phenomenal school in history. I cannot thank you all enough.

Who has encouraged you on your college journey?
Other than depending strictly on my Christian faith of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the specific staff members that I named previously, my little family has encouraged me to persevere. This first degree is dedicated to my children, Ariyah and Aiden Cremedy. Your smiling faces and sweet kisses kept mommy focused on the goal at hand. Also, my beloved Granmi and Alphonza both have been a major support and encouragement source through this last term of my undergraduate degree.

If you could give advice to the freshman version of yourself, what would it be?
I know it is a lot, but look, do you see that little light at the end of the tunnel? It is yours, but it will require some work to get to it. Do not be overcome by things/distractions of this world. Remember that you are a child of God and success is your birthright as such! Keep praying, keep walking in faith, and know that you can do ALL THINGS through Christ who is your strength, girl. Just breathe, you got it.


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