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WSSU students set to relax, relate, release during annual spring break

As Winston-Salem State University gears up for spring break March 11-15, students are preparing for a mixture of activities that reflect their individual passions and interests. From volunteering to taking time for self-care, students are excited to make the most of their well-deserved break.

Jamia Darden, a psychology major at WSSU, is dedicated to using her spring break to make a positive impact. “I’ll be spending my spring break working with children on the autism spectrum,” she said. “I believe that every child deserves attention and care, and this is an opportunity for me to contribute to their development in a meaningful way.”

On the other hand, Jayden Brown, a student passionate about mental health and wellness, has decided to prioritize self-care during the break. “Spring break is a time for me to recharge and focus on my own well-being,” Brown said. “I plan to take time for myself, engage in activities that bring me joy, and reflect on my personal growth.”

Nikkel Powell, a sports management major, is looking forward to an exciting trip to Florida. “I see spring break as an opportunity to unwind and have new experiences,” Powell said. “I’ll be heading to Florida to soak up the sun, explore new places and create lasting memories with friends.”

In contrast to the traditional spring break hotspot of Miami, this year marks a shift as the city publicly announced a departure from the spring break scene. Citing the desire to move away from the party reputation, the City of Miami publicly stated that it is “breaking up” with spring break to prioritize a different image and appeal to a different demographic.

A one-minute video announced the new rules and changes that will be made during March 7-14, 2024. Stated in the PSA, officials said one can expect “bag checks and restricted beach access, DUI checkpoints, $100 parking and strong police enforcement for drug possession and violence.”

The diverse plans of WSSU students reflect the range of priorities and passions present on campus as they make the most of their time that is meaningful to them.


About Winston-Salem State University: Winston-Salem State University fosters the creative thinking, analytical problem-solving, and depth of character needed to transform the world. Rooted in liberal education, WSSU’s curriculum prepares students to be thought leaders who have the skills and knowledge needed to develop innovative solutions to complex problems. Founded in 1892, WSSU is a historically Black constituent institution of the University of North Carolina with a rich tradition of contributing to the social, cultural, intellectual, and economic growth of North Carolina, the region, and beyond. Guided by the motto, “Enter to Learn, Depart to Serve,” WSSU develops leaders who advance social justice by serving the world with compassion and commitment.


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