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University College

University College (UC) – the home of student success at WSSU. Whether introducing new students into Ram life, assisting students in navigating their chosen academic pathway through advising, or enhancing the critical thinking skills of our students through tutoring services, UC is dedicated to helping all WSSU students reach their full collegiate potential

Administrative Structure

  • Associate Provost and Dean of University College

Provides leadership, management and oversight for the faculty, staff, and students of units within UC.

  • Dean of First, Second and Transfer Year Experiences and Engagement

Provides oversight for services related to freshmen, sophomore, and transfer students. 

  • Dean of Advising Services and Upper Level students

Works closely and collaboratively with Deans, Enrollment Management, Admissions, department chairs, faculties, other academic units across campus, and with external constituents to ensure that the advising needs of students are addressed expeditiously.

UC Units

  • Advising Services

UC advisors gives students effective guidance in navigating college life by helping them make the right decisions in choosing their major, selecting the proper courses and building your academic pathway to graduation.

Academic Success Counselors

WSSU takes a student-centered approach to assisting its students with reaching their academic potential by assigning each of them an Academic Success Counselor (ASC), who becomes the student's first point-of-contact regarding all academic advising issues, upon entering the university.

  • Academic Services
      • The Writing Center
A space where students can receive writing assistance with not only classroom assignments, but personal writings such as resumes, cover letters, scholarship essays, personal statement, and more.
      • Tutoring
Tutoring services are available free-of-charge to all WSSU students in a variety of delivery methods. From one-on-one or group tutoring sessions with professional and peer tutors, to in-class and post-class study sessions with course-specific supplemental instructors, to connections with online academic coaches provided through Upswing, our services empower students to become independent.
    • Testing

Provides sophisticated systems and applications in a stable, secure computing environment. The center provides two types of testing:

CLEP: a national program of credit-by-examination that offers students an opportunity to earn college credit by examination. CLEP offers two types of tests: general Examinations and Subject Examinations.

Computerized Placement Test: Assess knowledge, abilities, and readiness for college-level courses. Students performing below established score standards must enroll in one or more of the following developmental courses (varies according to test completed and performance).

Important Policies

All students who wish to qualify for financial aid while enrolled at WSSU will be assessed on three standards: qualitative (grade point average), quantitative (pace) and timeframe. These standards are applied uniformly to all WSSU financial aid applicants. All hours (including transfer hours) are included in the SAPFA calculation. Students may receive financial aid for remedial courses for one year. A student who meets the standards is eligible to be considered for financial aid. A student who does not meet these standards is not eligible to receive financial aid. 

Students who have been suspended from Financial Aid eligibility can appeal the decision using the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form.  Students can obtain an Academic Success Plan form from an Academic Success Counselor. Students who have entered the major complete this document with their academic advisor or department chair.

Review the general education requirements, courses, and a link to Frequently Asked Questions.  Transfer students only need to complete the seven Areas of Knowledge if the General Education requirements have not been satisfied by earning Associates of Arts (A.A.) or Associates in Science (A.S.) degrees from a community college in North Carolina. Note: the General Education requirements are not satisfied by Associates of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degrees.

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