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301.2 - Administrative Withdrawal

University Group Policy #301.2

I.  Policy Statement

Students are expected to attend all classes for which they are appropriately registered (see Class Attendance Policy). This policy affords academic administrators and faculty a mechanism to withdraw students who are not attending class regularly or who have not met necessary prerequisites from courses during the change of registration period. Because administrative withdrawals may affect students’ status as full-time students and may impact their financial aid status, campus housing, student fees, student athlete status, and so forth, university administrators should engage students in conversation about the administrative withdrawal before executing the process when practicable.

II.    Guidelines

Department chairs and deans may initiate an administrative withdrawal of a student from classes during the change of registration period at the onset of an academic term based on the following criteria:
  • For face-to-face classes: The student has not attended class nor contacted the instructor or department chair to explain the absence during the eight-day registration period.
  • For virtual or online courses: The student has not engaged the course material or contacted the instructor during the eight-day registration period.
  • For courses with pre-requisites or co-requisites: The student has not met course prerequisites, co-requisites, or registration restrictions.
  • For courses during the summer sessions: The student has not attended class (face-to-face course), has not engaged with course material in a virtual course, or the student does not respond to instructor or administrator inquiries during the initial 48 hours.
No Administrative Withdrawal will occur after the registration period ends. Students who do not meet course expectations after the registration period concludes are subject to course grading policies in accordance with the Grades and Grade Point policy. Students who seek withdrawal from a course must do so in accordance with the Undergraduate Withdrawal Policy.

III.     Applicability

This policy applies to all Winston-Salem State University students.

Responsible Division: Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Authority: Board of Trustees


  • Adopted: June 19, 2009
  • Amended: December 11, 2015
  • Amended: June 9, 2017
  • Amended September 16, 2022