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900.10 - Injury Prevention and Injury/Incident Reporting

University Group Policy #900.10

I.  Policy Statement

It is the policy of Winston-Salem State University to prevent potential injuries and to timely and accurately report conditions that affect the occupational environment. WSSU will promptly address each occurrence and implement measures to avoid future injuries.


Winston-Salem State University holds a core value to pursue environments conducive to learning and working which is free from known or recognized hazards. While all hazards cannot be eliminated, WSSU is committed to recognizing existing hazards in the environment and communicating the same to affected persons. All employees must report such conditions to supervisors, worker’s compensation administrator, and the Office of EHS.

II.    Guidelines


WSSU will use accepted methods adopted by the NC Office of State Human Resources to eliminate or mitigate hazards in all areas within the University’s control. Incident investigations shall be conducted immediately possible to ensure that employees, work places and equipment are safe and well-maintained.

Incident Investigations

The EHS Director shall engage affected levels of management to assure compliance is attained and that best practices are adopted to prevent similar incidents from recurring. Where appropriate, report findings may be brought before the University Environmental Health and Occupational Safety Committee for review and further discussion.

III.    Roles and Responsibilities


The Supervisor must investigate any workplace incident (near miss, injury/illness) involving their staff, including part-time and temporary employees. The supervisor shall isolate the area and the investigation should occur immediately upon notification to gather evidence before the conditions surrounding the incident change. Witnesses must be interviewed. The supervisor shall engage the EHS Director for investigation and abatement assistance. After conducting the incident investigation, a summary of the findings will be provided and maintained by EHS. Additional supplemental information, such as pictures/diagrams of the incident scene, witness statements (before, during, afterwards), or other agency reports shall be collected in conjunction with the investigation. In the event of an occupational injury or illness, a NC Form 18 will be completed by the employee and the supervisor will completes the accident incident report and submit all forms to the worker’s compensation administrator.


When an abnormal condition is observed, or when an employee notices or observes less than suitable or appropriate equipment to perform a job or assignment, then the employee shall immediately notify the immediate supervisor. The supervisor will then mitigate the hazard or engage EHS to assist in such matters. The report and supplemental documents are required to be sent immediately to the EHS for review. If an employee sustains an injury or occupational illness, he/she shall promptly notify their supervisor and immediately report it to the worker’s compensation administrator via in person or electronic means. Failure to notify the supervisor following an injury within 24 hours may result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.


The EHS Director or his/her designee shall assist all levels of management with incident/injury reporting and investigation, including testing, analysis, and abatement, or other measures that may be deemed appropriate in accordance with federal, State, or local laws and regulations. Procedures recognized as best practices within the occupational safety and health profession or commonly accepted as effective occupational hygiene interventions may also be applied in accordance with the event to be addressed. EHS Director will provide a trend analysis of reported injuries sustained by WSSU staff to the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration and shall discuss the report with University Environmental Health & Occupational Health Committee for additional recommendations.

Human Resources

The worker’s compensation administrator shall provide assistance to the injured employee and supervisor. In the event an employee sustains an injury that requires emergency treatment transportation to a local medical professional will be provided. Human Resources shall maintain a log of employee injuries throughout the calendar year and will submit the log to the EHS Director no later than January 31 of the subsequent year. As required, the EHS Director shall submit the annual report to the NC Department of Labor.

IV.     Applicability

This policy applies to the campus of Winston-Salem State University.

Responsible Division: Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

Authority: Board of Trustees


  • Adopted September 19, 2014