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Cayuse Products


Proposal Statuses
Proposals - A standalone proposal preparation and submission management application.

Cayuse provides a real-time, descriptive dashboard of the progress of your proposal. As a result, when viewing My Proposals and My Awards in Cayuse SP, new “statuses” may be available for your viewing—with revamped labels, letting you know exactly where your proposal is in the process.


Sponsored Projects - A sponsored project lifecycle management application.


Human Ethics - An IRB protocol and human-subject research management application.


Outside Interests - A COI and COC disclosure management application.
Research-Based COI Disclosures

Cayuse Outside Interests (“COI”) module replaces AIR and will facilitate an enhanced business process for Conflict of Interest disclosure for research projects and enables WSSU’s compliance with Federal conflict of interest disclosure requirements in promoting objectivity in research.

Consequently, effective July 1, 2021, personnel involved in the design, conduct, or reporting of research projects will need to submit a financial conflict of interest disclosure. All COI disclosures must be completed prior to OSP’s submission to sponsors.