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WSSU uses a print Management system called RAMPrint for network printing from lab computers. RAMPrint also offers features that include, but are not limited to transferring quota from one person to another and managing your account online via a web page showing your quota usage and environmental impact.

RAMPrint only produces black & white printouts. We encourage double-sided printing and therefore provide a 50% discount to those who print doubled-sided.

  • $0.10 per page for single-sided
  • $0.05 per page for double-sided

The RAMPrint account balance cannot be used for the RAMGraphixcopy center or for any other purchases on campus at this time.

Students are given a monetary amount in their RAMPrint account, and can login to check their balance at any time.

Print Quotas

  • fall and spring semester is $20 - (i.e. 200 single-sided black & white printouts)
  • each summer session(s) is $8.00 - (i.e. 80 single-sided black & white printouts)

Print quotas will carry over from one semester to the next within an academic year. Quotas are reset August 1.

Increasing Quota

  1. You can apply additional quota by logging into your account.
  2. After logging in to the computer, a summary page will appear that shows your current balance, pages printed, and number of print jobs.
  3. Click “Add Money” and follow the prompts to complete the transaction. You can then a use credit or debit card, Visa or MasterCard.
  4. There are additional functions provided including transfers and web printing.

If you have questions about RAMPrint or printing on campus, please contact Application Administration Services via RAMTech. Download the RAMPrint User Info Instructions.