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The center facilitates the gradual infusion of data science formally at the various level of instructions across various disciplines, in terms of offering an interdisciplinary minor in data science and supporting existing graduate certificate in data analytics*.

 Seminar, Workshops, and Training

The center arranges regular seminars on topics spanning science, methods, and technology across the vision and activities of the center. The center also arranges an annual multi-day symposium to increase awareness of data science and the CADS center on campus, locally and nationally. The annual symposium typically promotes various activities such as keynote, research presentations, student poster presentations, information session about educational initiatives, panel discussions on enhancing diversity and inclusion, community input session, career/networking fair etc. Additionally, the center organizes regular workshops, tutorials, and training programs to foster awareness and adoption of data science curricula and research across WSSU campus. Explore News and Events for scheduled events.

Faculty Adopter Awards

“Faculty Adopter” awards were designed to support enthusiastic WSSU faculty willing to infuse data science into their courses across various disciplines and are capable of quantitatively and qualitatively assessing the impact of their interventions. During each year, solicitations were announced twice across WSSU, and applications were received, peer-reviewed, and in total 5 faculty were selected for the awards. CADS center then provides necessary training to these selected faculties who then develops contextual course modules, assessments, and projects and performs in-class deployment of the modules. So far, this collaborative effort supported 10 faculty in developing 10 course modules on data analytics and impacted 191 WSSU students across Computer Science, Healthcare Management, Mathematics, Management and Marketing, Psychological Science, Sports Studies, and Social Science departments. All developed modules containing lecture notes, assignments, dataset, and projects are publicly accessible in CADS’s GitHub Repository.

Career Services

CADS center regularly organizes internship and employment related activities for students while partnering with local and national industry partners. The goals of such activities are to  (a) help the skilled students to develop self-awareness of interests, values, and skills that facilitate effective career exploration and decision making; (b) provide information and resources about data science occupations, job trends, employer requirements, and educational opportunities; (c) deliver programs and provide coaching on job search skills, resume development, and interview techniques.