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Research Models

The Center for the Study of Economic Mobility (CSEM) uses cutting edge statistical techniques to find solutions to problems facing Forsyth County. At the heart of its research model, CSEM emphasizes the importance of harnessing the power of businesses, individuals and governments, which we call the B.I.G. idea.


CSEM conducts research that considers the interest of business, individuals, and government. It promotes policies that align the incentives of each. With the support of all three,  such policies are more likely to be successful and bring about real long-term change.

A Venn Diagram showing the intersects of Business (more profit), Individuals (More Income), and Government (more net tax revenue). Where Business and Individuals intersect is Area A. Where Individuals and Government intersect is area B. Where Government and Business intersect is Area C. Where all three intersect is Area D. Area D is the only "non-conflict" space among all these groups


This diagram illustrates how the center stands apart from other research initiatives. CSEM seeks to align the incentives and interests of the three major “players,” which we assume do the following:

  • Businesses want to maximize their profits (The “B” in B.I.G stands for “Businesses”)
  • Individuals want to maximize their income (The “I” in B.I.G stands for “Individuals”)
  • Governments want to maximize their net tax revenue (The “G” in B.I.G stands for “Governments”)