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How Did Participants’ Home Values Change?: A Deep Dive into Market Values 

CSEM Working Papers in Home Ownership, Series, no 5. October 2021

Authors: Zachary Blizard, Craig Richardson, and Joseph Sloop

Homeownership: Where Do Recipients Move and Why?

CSEM Working Papers in Home Ownership, Series, no 4. February 2021. 

Authors: Zachary D. Blizard, Craig J. Richardson, and Joseph B. Sloop 

Does Forsyth County’s Affordable Home Ownership Program Build Wealth and Spur Economic Mobility? Outcomes for a Sample of 508 Participants

CSEM Working Papers in Home Ownership, Series, no 3January 2021. 

Authors: Zachary D. Blizard and Craig J. Richardson 

Commuting on a Bus or with an Uber?: The High Cost for Females from Commuting on the Public Bus in Forsyth County, NC

 CSEM Working Papers in Transportation Series, no. 2. July 2020

 Author: Zachary D. Blizard