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Bachelor of Science in Economics

Economics makes up the backbone of every modern-day country. From the food we buy and the jobs we work to the national budget — everything is connected through economics. Maybe you’re fascinated by the connectedness of economics and are wondering, “What can you do with an economics degree?”
If so, earning a degree in economics from Winston-Salem State University is your key to a huge variety of exciting, fast-growing careers in industries like law, business and government. As one of the highest-rated degrees in economics in North Carolina, our graduates are in high demand, both in the region and around the nation.

Economics Degree options at Winston-Salem State University

Because economics is such a diverse field of study, we offer four concentrations so that you can build the program that works for you and your career goals. You can choose from:

Regardless of which concentration you choose, you’ll build a solid foundation in the basics of business, management and marketing — preparing you for the top jobs in economics and related fields.

Earn Your Economics Degree at Winston-Salem State University

There are lots of reasons why we’re considered one of the best schools for economics in the country. When you earn your degree in economics from WSSU, you benefit from an educational experience that lets you apply the latest theories and methods in economics to real-world practice. You’ll also join a thriving community of scholars and peers committed to learning and making the world a better place for everyone.

Get hands-on experience in economics

Internships and service-learning opportunities in the economics degree program let you put your skills and knowledge to work on campus, furthering economic mobility and helping draft the economic impact report for the university — giving you graduate-level writing experience as an undergraduate.

Experienced and industry-connected faculty

Thanks to our small class sizes, you’ll receive the attention and support you need from our dedicated economics degree program faculty. Our distinguished faculty’s commitment to student-centered learning is what makes us one of the best schools for economics in the nation.

Community and Connections

When you join the economics degree program at WSSU, you also join a large, ever-growing “Ramily!” Attend department and university-wide events to make long-lasting personal and professional connections with your peers. You can also join the many societies and associations hosted by the economics department.

What You Can Do With Your Degree in Economics

If you’re like many students considering a degree in economics, you’re probably asking, “What can you do with an economics degree?” Well, earning a degree in economics is ideal if you’re interested in working in banking, accountancy, finance or data analysis. When you graduate from WSSU, you’ll earn one of the most respected degrees in economics and be well-prepared for a wide range of careers and top graduate programs.

With a degree in economics from WSSU, you’ll be ready for jobs such as:

Career outlook for Economics Degree graduates

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for professionals with a degree in economics is expected to grow 13% over the next decade, much faster than the average of other occupational fields.

Explore Classes for the Economics Degree Program

As you earn your economics degree at WSSU, you’ll build foundational skills and knowledge in courses covering micro- and macroeconomics, statistics and applied econometrics. As you move further into your chosen concentration, you’ll dive deeper into topics like global law and economics, economic systems and business management — answering your question, “What can you do with an economics degree?”

Here are just some of the courses that make us one of the leading degrees in economics:

View the full degree in economics program requirements and course catalog.

Your Experience as an Economics Degree Major at Winston-Salem State

Student Life at WSSU

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Support and Resources Available to You

We take great pride in being among the best schools for economics in the country, and our student life reflects that pride. When you attend Winston-Salem State University, you join an exceptionally diverse community of students, faculty and alumni who are invested in education and social justice. Learn more about student life at WSSU, including our Black Greek Letter Organizations and The Ideas Lab @ The College, where you can attend experiential seminars and courses and collaborate with others.

You’ve chosen to earn one of the best degrees in economics, and nothing should get in the way of you and your graduation day — especially the cost of your education. We are fortunate that the great state of North Carolina heavily subsidizes every student’s education. You may also be eligible for general financial aid to help afford your degree.

From orientation to graduation, you’ll be supported by a phenomenal team of Academic Success Counselors and have access to Student Success Technologies and Career Development Services to help you stay on track while you earn your degree in economics.

Learn more about the Department of Accounting, Economics and Finance.

Take the Next Step

When you choose to earn your economics degree from one of the best schools for economics in the nation, you choose to embrace social justice and social mobility for all. You choose to follow your passions and career aspirations. You choose to answer that question, “What can you do with an economics degree?”

Most of all, you choose to #BeTheNext great economist, accountant, or politician to help others better understand the world of money and finances.

The Economics and Finance Department is one of WSSU’s treasures. The professors truly care about the success of their students inside and outside the classroom. The faculty elevated my mind and my way of thinking.

Whitney B., Economics B.S.

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Accreditation for Economics at WSSU