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Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

Do you have a passion for exercise, health and fitness? Do you want to share that passion by helping others create lifelong healthy habits? Do you want to be a part of one of the fastest-growing occupational fields in the Unites States?

A bachelor’s degree in exercise science from Winston-Salem State University is one of the best ways to begin a career in this exciting, ever-growing field. Our exercise program combines physiological and anatomical research with hands-on lab experience to prepare you for a wide variety of rewarding careers.

Start positively impacting the health of individuals and communities with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science from WSSU.

Exercise Science degree options at Winston-Salem State University

We offer four concentrations so you can tailor your educational experience to your personal career goals:

Earn Your Exercise Science Degree at Winston-Salem State

Our understanding of health, fitness and the effects of trauma on the body and brain are constantly improving. There’s been a major increase in the number of jobs for exercise science degree holders. Skilled experts in exercise science are in higher demand than ever because athletes in every sport rely on them to remain safe throughout their careers and life.

Help others while enjoying a career doing what you love in an ever-expanding field. WSSU’s bachelor’s degree in exercise science provides an affordable and comprehensive educational experience that will prepare you for success throughout your career.

A degree in exercise science rooted in the lab and the field

Whichever concentration you choose, your coursework will involve hours of hands-on experience in the lab. After completion of most of the require coursework, you may pursue an optional internship at agencies, facilities and programs involved in exercise science. You can intern in multiple fields, including cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, corporate and community health or a variety of other settings.

Seasoned and knowledgeable exercise science faculty

Learn from an exercise science faculty with years of combined experience in the field and the classroom. We take pride in our faculty’s commitment to equity, social justice and the health of others.

Work with cutting-edge exercise science technology

Your coursework will give you plenty of opportunities to work in our state-of-the-art exercise research labs. As a result, you’ll graduate with a full understanding how to use the latest technology and tools to become an expert exercise scientist.

What You Can Do With Your Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science

With a bachelor’s degree in exercise science from WSSU, you can pursue a wide variety of satisfying jobs for exercise science experts that allow you to help others and advance your career.

Interested in helping others get stronger safely? Become a strength coach. Want to help others heal after accidents? Work as a physical therapist assistant. Maybe you love the lab? Researchers conduct studies and share results to help athletic trainers and coaches make data-informed decisions and training plans.

Here’s just a sample of rewarding jobs for exercise science degree graduates:

If you’re interested in continuing your education after completing your bachelor’s degree, WSSU exercise science graduates who meet specific admissions requirements are guaranteed early acceptance into WSSU’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program.

Career outlook for Exercise Science graduates

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a growth of 13% in jobs for exercise science graduates over the next decade. This is faster than the average job growth in all other occupations.

About 1,500 openings for exercise physiologists and scientists are projected on average each year over the decade.

Explore Classes for the Bachelor of Exercise Science Degree

As you earn your bachelor’s degree in exercise science, you’ll spend a balanced amount of time in the classroom and the lab. You may also pursue optional opportunities to work with existing organizations through internships. Whatever your goals are after graduation, our undergraduate exercise science program will provide you with the confidence and skills to excel and keep others healthy.

We also offer honors courses for academically gifted students interested in a holistic college experience and active learning environment to explore certain topics in more depth.

Here’s just a small sample of the courses you’ll take in the exercise science program:

View the full bachelor’s in exercise science program requirements and course catalog.

Your Experience as an Exercise Science Major at WSSU

Student Life at WSSU

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Support and Resources Available to You

When you study exercise science at WSSU, you not only get a world-class educational experience, but you also get to enjoy being part of an HBCU community dedicated to equity and social justice.

As an exercise science major, you’ll definitely enjoy staying fit and healthy at the University Recreation (UREC) with personal training, group classes and a stunning gymnasium filled with all the equipment you need to be your best.

We take pride in the affordability and high quality of the education we provide at Winston-Salem State University. We’ll assist you in earning your bachelor’s degree in exercise science with university-wide scholarship funding and grants.

Learn more about financial aid options for your WSSU bachelor’s degree in exercise science.

As part of the WSSU “Ramily,” you’re not alone in your college journey. We offer many services to make sure you thrive — from orientation day to well beyond graduation day.

Beginning your first day, you’ll be assigned an Academic Success Counselor (ASC), who will support and advocate for you through your first two years.

Our Student Success Technologies will help you stay on top of events and campus-wide deadlines, download software for your classes and keep in touch with tutors and Career Development Services.

Learn more about the Division of Exercise Physiology.

Take the Next Step

Choosing to earn your exercise science bachelor’s degree from WSSU is the first step toward beginning an exciting and rewarding career helping others.

Earn your bachelor’s degree in exercise science from WSSU and #BeTheNext athletic trainer, coach or other exercise scientist.

I worked side-by-side with faculty to complete an honors thesis about the effects of music on exercise heart rate recovery. This real-world experience prepared me to enter the highly competitive Doctor of Physical Therapy program at WSSU.

Dara G., Exercise Science B.S.

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