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Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Understanding the human experience in society is vital in all aspects of life. With a degree in sociology from Winston-Salem State University, you’ll become a more active and informed citizen, ready to make a difference in meaningful careers in a range of fields such as criminal justice, social services, government or business.

Choosing this degree at one of the best schools for sociology will give you valuable insights into social relations in any context and a broad skill set valued in many professional fields. As a sociology major at WSSU, you’ll learn to address issues of diversity, social control, social institutions, inequality, social policy and sociocultural change.

Get ready to engage in thought-provoking courses, research projects and hands-on experiences that will empower you to become a leader in addressing how society influences our beliefs, attitudes, actions and worldview.

Earn Your Sociology Degree at Winston-Salem State University

If you’re searching for a way to explore and explain patterns of human behavior relative to contemporary social issues, consider a sociology degree at one of the top schools for sociology undergraduates in the country. You’ll perform research, develop communication skills and think critically about issues that affect us all. These experiences will serve you well in all types of work – as well as graduate school, if you find you want to pursue an advanced degree.

Get valuable experience with a local employer

In your sociology major, you’ll benefit from internships, fieldwork experiences and other hands-on learning opportunities that will prepare you for real-world careers in the criminal justice system, social services, government, business world and more.

Active and engaged faculty

Your major in sociology will connect you with great people. Our program faculty share their passion and expertise on issues such as residential segregation and inequality, food insecurity and health, housing justice and HIV through enriching coursework and networking opportunities outside the classroom — including presenting research at local, regional and national conferences.

Exciting courses that develop future-focused skills

Courses such as Family Sociology, Health, Gender and Justice and Sociological Theory offer engaging material and a strong foundation of skills that will serve you well as you build your resume and professional network. You’ll also become well-versed in interpersonal practices such as conducting and evaluating surveys and interviewing vulnerable subjects.

What You Can Do With Your Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology

Earning your B.A. at one of the best schools for sociology will open the door to a wide variety of meaningful, fulfilling careers and empower you to help others based on your understanding of human behavior. What can you do with a degree in sociology? With your critical thinking, research and communication skills, you can use your degree as a stepping-stone to graduate school, or make a difference in jobs such as:

Career outlook for Sociology graduates

Recent WSSU sociology graduates have been accepted into top public health graduate and doctoral programs across the country, including UNC Chapel Hill, Johns Hopkins and Columbia University.

Those considering a major in sociology may be interested to know that the median annual wage for sociologists in 2020 was $86,110, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Explore Classes for the Sociology Degree

Sociology majors at Winston-Salem State develop a foundational knowledge of human society through core courses in sociological theory, research and methodology. You’ll also gain a broader understanding of social problems, equity and social justice issues and connect theory to practice when you take in-depth courses in either inequality or health and wellness. The courses you might take in WSSU’s degree in sociology include:

View the full sociology program requirements and course catalog.

Your Experience as a Sociology Major at Winston-Salem State

Student Life at WSSU

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Support and Resources Available to You

As you pursue a major in sociology, you’ll have ample opportunities to get involved on campus. Join any of our 100+ student organizations to meet new friends and become part of a team that helps you reach your goals. When you join our “Ramily” you’ll grow as a leader and work with other like-minded students to create positive change in your community through organizations like the Justice Studies Club, the Psychology Club and Student Government.

One of the reasons WSSU is one of the top schools for sociology undergraduates is that we care about our students’ financial well-being. About 90% of WSSU students receive some form of financial aid to support the cost of earning their degree. Both need- and merit-based aid and scholarships are available to students who qualify.

Learn more about your options for paying for college at WSSU.

From orientation to graduation, WSSU will support your studies every step of the way. Caring faculty, academic success counselors, supportive peers and mentors are here for you, and our Building Outstanding Student Success (B.O.S.S.) program offers one-on-one coaching, tutoring, free printing services and personalized academic counseling. Our academic advisors are available throughout your journey to help you reach your full potential.  

Learn more about the Department of Behavioral Sciences.

Take the Next Step

What can you do with a major in sociology? Make a difference. Join us to pursue your passion and make positive change with a degree in sociology at WSSU. #BeTheNext WSSU student to make a difference.

I have found so many great mentors here whose main focus has been to always remind me to never become complacent, never take on too much and to always make sure I am creating opportunities for others.

Je’Rel Smith, Sociology B.A.

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