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Undecided Students | Winston-Salem State University


What do you really want to do? This may feel like a daunting question as you prepare to take the first steps toward earning a college degree. Starting college as an undecided major is not a disadvantage. It means you’re open to exploring the many academic options to find the right fit for your goals and interests — and open the door to your future career.

There’s more good news when you choose Winston-Salem State University to earn your degree. Our students build a strong set of transferable skills through a general education curriculum designed for exploration, making WSSU one of the best colleges for undecided majors. Before diving into your major courses, you get to choose classes in areas of knowledge that include literature, history, social science, natural science, mathematics, fine arts and more. You’ll graduate ready to do more than make a living. You’ll make your mark on the world — no matter which major you discover to be right for you. Our academic opportunities broaden your horizons by teaching themes such as globalization, diversity, sustainability, civic engagement, moral and ethical reasoning, and healthy living.



WSSU Options for Undecided Majors

Align your degree and career with your area of interest

Whether you’re inspired to seek the spotlight, start your own business or challenge injustice, a college degree from WSSU can prepare you with the knowledge and skills to #BeTheNext anything you want to be.

As an undecided major, maybe you aren’t sure what programs would best align with your interests. That’s OK. We’ll help you figure that out. Think about the activities you already do that excite you. At WSSU, we encourage you to ignite your passion and discover your strengths to make an impact in whichever field you choose.

Arts and Entertainment 

Love to be the center of attention? Or maybe you’re happiest when you’re creating thought-provoking art? Undecided majors can find a range of opportunities to shine in majors and minors that lead to exciting careers in art, music or sports. Build a strong academic foundation in your general education coursework, then focus on academic study that will empower you to work in the spotlight or behind the scenes in arts and entertainment.

WSSU degree program options for undecided majors in arts and entertainment include art, music, dramatic arts, music business, interdisciplinary studies, sport management, motorsport management and more. 

Undecided majors who choose a degree program in arts and entertainment will graduate with transferable skills in creative thinking, collaboration, communication, decision making and organization. This can lead to engaging and dynamic careers in fields such as:

  • Event planning
  • Fashion
  • Film production
  • Graphic design
  • Sports administration
  • Tourism
  • And much, much more

Learn more about degree programs in arts and entertainment at WSSU.

Business, Leadership and Entrepreneurship

If you find yourself taking the lead when challenges arise, a degree in business, leadership and entrepreneurship may be for you. When you choose a program in this area, there is no limit to what you might achieve. From starting your own business to managing a corporation or nonprofit, the strategic and practical skills and knowledge you learn will prepare you for career success.

Degree program options for undecided majors at WSSU in this area include accounting, business administration, economics, healthcare management, marketing, military science, non-profit leadership and more.

You’ll build a strong base of knowledge in general education courses and then earn career-focused skills such as analytical and critical thinking, initiative and time management, leadership, and presentation and storytelling. Deciding on a major in this field prepares you to start your own business or seek career opportunities in fields such as:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Human resources
  • Real estate
  • Project management
  • Sales

Learn more about academic programs in business, leadership and entrepreneurship at WSSU.

Communications, Languages and Media

Are you one of the first to figure out the new TikTok algorithm? Enjoy working for your school yearbook or jotting down your thoughts in personal journals? Today’s interconnected world is built on the power of communication to break through barriers and build bridges. Choosing a major in communications, languages and media can give you a broader perspective and a valuable skillset for a range of career opportunities.

At WSSU, you can take courses in foreign languages such as Chinese, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Swahili and more. Many of these are offered as full majors and minors. We also offer program options that include English, English as a second language, deaf studies, marketing, mass communication and speech communication.

In addition to sharpening your writing skills, you’ll take courses that promote creativity, collaboration, diversity, persuasion and civic engagement. Possible career paths for students who decide on a major in this area might include:

  • Advertising
  • Copywriting
  • Journalism
  • Public relations
  • Social media
  • Teaching

Learn more about WSSU programs in communication, languages and media.


If you’re most fulfilled by learning new things and sharing your knowledge with others, choosing a major in education may be a great fit for you. Think about that teacher, coach or counselor who made a difference in your life. Degree programs in education can open the door to a rewarding career where you can make a direct impact on future leaders like yourself.

Education-related program opportunities at WSSU include birth to kindergarten education, elementary education, physical education, coaching, special education and more.

Inspiring young minds doesn’t only happen in the classroom. Education degrees can also connect you to professions involving education policy, instructional design, advising, career counseling or education technology. After graduation, your flexibility and understanding of human behavior will lend well to jobs such as:

  • Adult education
  • K–12 teacher
  • Corporate training
  • Librarian
  • Sports coach
  • Tutor

Learn more about the education degree programs that make WSSU one of the best colleges for undecided majors.

Health and Fitness

Whether your free time is spent playing sports or in search of ways to help others, choosing a major in health and fitness may be for you. Offering a range of career possibilities, degree programs in this area encompass health care, health promotion, disease prevention and overall improvement of human life.

At WSSU, you’ll find interdisciplinary career preparation in fields of study such as nursing, clinical laboratory science, exercise science, gerontology, healthcare management, psychology, public health, rehabilitation studies, sports medicine and more.

Choose a major in health and fitness if you want to gain a comprehensive knowledge of human health and earn critical problem-solving, leadership and research skills for high-demand jobs. By earning a degree in this area, you’ll open the door to graduate programs or income potential in careers such as:

  • Athletic training
  • Laboratory technology
  • Health coaching
  • Mental health
  • Nursing
  • Nutrition

Learn more about WSSU programs in health and fitness.

Social Justice and Advocacy

Do you want to make the world a better place? At WSSU, we pride ourselves on being one of the best colleges for undecided majors who want to challenge injustice and create positive change. Our history is rooted in the values of energetically and resolutely promoting justice and compassion on our campus and beyond. Choosing a major in a program related to social justice and advocacy can give you the power to make a difference.

WSSU offers several academic programs that can provide the tools to challenge the status quo and champion change, including Africana studies, justice studies, history, political science, sociology, social work, legal studies, religious studies, urban studies and sustainability and more.  

Deciding on a major in social justice and advocacy can provide one of the most important skills in leadership: empathy. Having a better understanding of others, along with the critical thinking, research and communication skills you’ll earn, will be valuable in any profession you choose, including:

  • Civil service
  • Environmental science
  • Legal assistance
  • Local government
  • Public policy
  • Social work

Learn more about WSSU programs related to social justice and advocacy.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Have you always been interested in how things work? Or are you among the first to explore the latest trend in technology? If so, consider the range of degree programs in STEM when deciding on a major. Choosing a major in STEM allows you to explore cutting-edge technology, discover ever-evolving industries and participate in important innovation with great impact.

Degree programs offered in STEM at WSSU include biology, chemistry, computer science, information technology, management information systems, mathematics, physics and more.

Building on the intellectual foundation in your general education requirement, you’ll take courses in your STEM major that provide key skills needed in a range of careers. Put your analytical, critical-thinking, problem-solving and research skills to the test in career fields that include:

  • Biotechnology
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data science
  • Forensic science
  • Software development
  • Statistics
Learn more about science, technology, engineering and mathematics programs at WSSU.


Your Experience at Winston-Salem State University

More than a place

One of the reasons that WSSU is among the best colleges for undecided majors is the community it offers beyond the classroom. When you join our “Ramily,” you’ll be part of 120-plus years of history and make lifelong connections. Just as our academic programs are numerous and diverse, so are your opportunities to find your fit in campus organizations.

More than a motto  

Even when still deciding on a major, students at WSSU can expect a college experience that exemplifies our motto, “Enter to Learn. Depart to Serve.” Students, faculty, staff and alumni in all our programs are motivated by making a positive impact. WSSU can help you learn to play your unique role in challenging injustice and addressing complex issues to improve lives in our community and the world.

Learn more about WSSU and our distinguished reputation as a historically Black constituent institution.

More than you dreamed

The process of choosing a major shouldn’t derail you from choosing the college that’s right for you. At WSSU, you’ll get a rich and personalized educational experience in any academic program. Expect to graduate with discovered potential, cultivated confidence, and the career support and direction to chart your own path to a successful future.

Without a doubt, Winston truly prepared me. One of the things I like to say is nothing prepares a Black student for existing in America like attending an HBCU. You are in an environment that is created with your success in mind and leaning into the resources that are there, you are going to find something.

David B., Business Administration

Take the Next Step

As you’re deciding on a major, remember that no matter where your passion lies, WSSU can help you turn it into opportunity to #BeTheNext.