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Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

By federal law there are restrictions on information that can be shared with parents and other family members of our students. Please refer to FERPA for a full explanation of student’s rights to privacy and the university’s responsibility to their private information.


As part of our efforts as a University to “Go Green” most of the official university business and notifications will go through email. All students will receive email addresses upon registering for classes. It is their responsibility to check their email regularly. For traditional mail delivery, students should get a Campus Box at the University Post Office on the ground floor of the Thompson Student Center. Parents can send packages that can be picked up at our Post Office during business hours.

Once you get a campus box your address will be as follows.

Campus Box ?????
601 South Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27110-0001



All students at the university must carry some form of medical insurance. Insurance is a mandatory fee which is charged to all students registered for six hours or more, unless you are a Distance Learner. If you have medical insurance the fee can be waived. If a student believes they are adequately covered through their parent’s plan they need to provide verification through the Chartis website. Once a student provides his/her insurance information, the provider will determine whether or not you qualify for the waiver. For further information visit the Medical Insurance Requirements page.

Medical Health History, Vaccinations, and Immunizations Requirements

The State of North Carolina requires proof of various vaccinations and immunizations for enrollment at their Universities. For more information visit the To Be a Healthy You at WSSU page.

Care Packages

You can order various care packages to encourage your student. Packages will be delivered throughout the semester from the Residence Hall Association on campus. All proceeds go back to your students through the work of the Residence Hall Association.

WSSU Linen Program

We contract through Our Campus Market to manage the Residence Hall Linens and College Bedding Program so that linens can be delivered to residents' rooms before move in for students who are interested. The program is a convenient and simple solution to all of your college bedding needs and desires. We provide a variety of linens guaranteed to fit and to last until you graduate. The Residence Hall Linens and College Bedding Program keeps things simple and makes one less thing for Mom and Dad to have to pack up in the mini-van.

But that's not all. Our goal every year is to ensure parents and students have everything they need for move-in. We do that by providing easy one-stop shopping with an assortment of residence hall room must-haves, including storage solutions, comforters, pillows, mattress pads and blankets.


Students should enroll in RamALERT to receive emergency notifications via phone, text, and email.