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IPF Help

Important: Throughout the IPF you may see a magnifying glass icon which signifies a look-up field. Simply click the icon and a pop-up window will appear to allow you to search from relevant databases.

* Indicates that a question must be answered before the page can be saved.

Starting A New Proposal (General Information)

  • Funding Agency: Select in the pop-up window the Agency/Sponsor that will directly fund the
    research/project. Generally speaking, this is the Agency/Sponsor whose name will be on the
    check or to whom OSP will send invoices. If the Sponsor is not listed, select “Organization Not Listed” and you may type in the name of the Sponsor. *
  • Funding Opportunity/Sponsor Application Number: (If applicable) enter the alphanumeric
    number provided by the Sponsor for this proposal.
  • Proposal Guideline URL: (If applicable) enter the web address of the guidelines/instructions
    associated with the Sponsor's application.
  • Prime Funding Agency: (If Applicable) the Prime Funding Agency applies when the University receives a subgrant or subcontract from an intermediate funding source. (e.g., NIH awards a grant to Duke and Duke awards a subgrant to WSSU. NIH is the Prime Funding Agency and Duke is the Funding Agency to WSSU.)

General Proposal Information

  • Project Name: This may be different than the "Project Title" and is used for tracking purposes.*
  • Initial Start Date: Please use the calendar to select an initial start date.*
  • Project End Date: Please use the calendar to select a project end date.*
  • Activity Type or Chess Code: Please select the most appropriate activity type from the drop down list (e.g., Research, Training, Clinical Trial).*
  • Proposal Type (Please select one):
    • Supplement: Select if requesting additional new dollars, extending period of performance or requesting a change in the scope of work on an existing award.
    • New: Select if you are requesting new dollars NOT associated with an existing contract or grant.
    • Non-Competing Continuation/Progress Report: Select if requesting release of dollars previously committed by sponsor/agency for an existing contract or grant.
    • Renewal (competitive): Select if requesting new dollars for continuation of an existing award to establish a new budget period.
    • Resubmission or Amendment: Select if a previously submitted proposal is being reviewed for funding by the sponsor. The submission of a revised request would occur for the following reasons:
      • Revised Personnel
      • Revised Cost Share
      • Revised Budget

If this proposal does not meet one of these proposal types, please contact Arnita Hill at ext. 3211 or to discuss the specific circumstances.

  • Award Type: Select the appropriate agreement.
  • Will this proposal be submitted electronically to the Sponsor?: Indicate if this proposal is being submitted by some electronic method to the sponsor.*
  • Select electronic method: Choose one of the following:, website, email, other.
  • Does the sponsor require a paper copy of this proposal or any part there of? Please indicate if any hard copy documentation is required to be submitted to the sponsor. If so, it will be necessary to bring such documents to OSP immediately.
  • Is this a SNAP?: SNAP is an NIH acronym that stands for Streamlined Non-competing Awards Process. Please indicate if this proposal is being completed for a SNAP.*
  • Award Admin Department (Lead Unit): Select the campus Department that has the responsibility to manage the contract or grant. This unit will receive all OSP post award information such as monthly financial statements.*
  • Affiliated Center/Institute: Select other campus Centers/Institutes that will contribute space, personnel, or equipment to this project.
  • Sponsor Deadline: Enter the date by which the proposal must be received by the Agency/Sponsor. Generally, OSP reviews proposals in the order in which they are received; however, consideration is given to the sponsor deadline. Proposals should be received by OSP no later than 5 business days in advance of the sponsor deadline to ensure proper review and timely submission.
  • Previous Banner Fund Number (6 digits, no hyphen): If this proposal amends, supplements, renews or continues an existing project, provide the most recently used fund number. This information will assist in proposal review.
  • Title of Project: Include the full title of the proposal which will be submitted to the Funding Agency. This title should match the title on the cover letter and face page to the sponsor and the abstract.*