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WSSU 2030 | Unleash the Genius

Winston-Salem State University is entering a bold new era. We are looking outside of tradition and audaciously moving into spaces that may be uncomfortable but necessary for our future growth and development. Our strategic plan, 2022 – 2030 UNLEASH THE GENIUS, was built for and by the students, employees, alumni, and other key stakeholders of WSSU. Almost 200 individuals representing every university constituent participated in the creation of the plan to ensure every voice was heard.

Through the strategic planning process, we’ve recommitted ourselves to an unyielding pursuit of excellence based on our founding principles of providing a rich curriculum rooted in high-quality, liberal education. To continue this, our revised mission and vision statement preserves our historical legacy and guides our future work.

2023 University Strategic Priorities

University leadership has identified five strategic priorities that will be the focus of the work we do for the next year. These priorities will guide each unit's work so we can move forward with one voice. All priorities will be evaluated to guarantee success as we move forward.

Download Strategic Priorities (pdf)


UNLEASH THE GENIUS is representative of expanding possibilities. Throughout this plan, the term learner is used represent everyone associated with WSSU. Continuous learning will be the foundation for the success of this plan. Participation is learning, and everyone should see themselves in this plan and actively engage so that we can reach and exceed our aspirations.

This plan is bold and audacious. The expectation is for each learner to fulfill their potential. Our aspirations are explicit and measurable because accountability is an essential aspect of this plan. As we begin to carry out this work, move forward with a compassionate and courageous heart. We’re creating new pathways, so prepare for elevation.

It is now time to unleash your genius! 


Commitments & Aspirations

Student and teacher

Commitment 1

Foster Student Success

Commit to Success

Student study abroad

Commitment 2

Equity, Inclusion, and Social Innovation

Commit to Equity

Student and professor in lab

Commitment 3

Intellectual Climate

Commit to Intellect

Political delegation

Commitment 4

Institutional Excellence

Commit to Excellence

DPT Student in field

Commitment 5

Resource Sustainability

Commit to Sustainability

Professor raising finger

30 Aspirations

WSSU will accomplish 30 aspirational outcomes.

Aspire to more


Final Thoughts

For 130 years, Winston-Salem State University has played a significant role in the fabric of higher education in the United States. As one of the nation’s most prominent Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Winston-Salem State University improves the lives of students, many of whom are African American and first generation, by significantly impacting their social and economic mobility. With a proud legacy of focusing on access, affordability, community engagement, and student success, Winston-Salem State University provides each learner, irrespective of his, her, or their racial, cultural, socioeconomic, or geographic background, with a high-quality educational experience. These experiential and authentic learning opportunities not only enhance the lives of our students but also transform the next generation of their families’ lives. The WSSU 2030 Strategic Plan is our commitment to ensure that our students fulfill the institution’s motto “Enter to Learn. Depart to Serve.” while concurrently ensuring that our faculty, staff, alumni, and partners enhance the institution’s educational experience to prepare servant leaders who transform our society.