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We strive to assist our customers to identify, select, and acquire quality goods and services at competitive pricing.

The Purchasing Services staff is committed to excellence and to providing innovative and effective processes that facilitate the procurement process. We are committed to helping you do your job. We are accountable to all of our funding sources and answerable to the business community. These web pages were designed to help you secure the goods and services necessary to do the best job.

Please call or write if you have any suggestions on how to improve our services.


WSSU Campus in Spring

Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets is responsible for tracking and disposing of state property in accordance with North Carolina State Policies and Procedures.

Example of a P-Card (a credit card.)

Purchasing Card (P-Card)

The P-Card is issued to an employee, empowering this person to purchase goods and services on behalf of the University.

Information for Purchasing

General Information
  • Printing - All work provided by the contracted Printing Service does not require bidding or approval by the Department of Purchasing Services. It is a University printing policy that all printing work be forwarded to the contracted printing vendor for completion. It is critical for departments to allow sufficient time for the printer to satisfactorily complete their jobs.
Training and Tutorials