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Credit Option Grading Policy

Because of the impact of moving all instruction online in response to COVID-19, Winston-Salem State University has implemented Policy 302.11 - Undergraduate Course Grading Policy for Spring 2020.

Please watch the video below for more information on the Credit Option Grading Policy.



The Policy Explained 

The university is allowing undergraduate students to retain the letter grade recorded by each instructor for each course or students may elect to receive a Credit Option (CO) grade for any course or all courses.

Faculty will assign letter grades using the current scale of A – F. After viewing their posted grades, students will be able to select to convert any course grade to the CO grading system.

Students should work with their academic advisors to make decisions about converting letter grades to credit grades and consider the impact on admission to some majors and graduate schools.

The Credit Option grading system for students will be as follows:

  • PCR Designation: Satisfactory. Replaces grades of C- or better in the regular grading system. Credit is granted for this course, and it will fulfill university and major requirements even in cases where a grade of “P” (passing) does not.
  • DCR Designation: Credit Given but Not Satisfactory for Certain Requirements. Credit is granted for this course while noting that the student’s work would have earned them a “D” letter grade had that option been chosen.
  • NCR Designation: No Credit or Not Satisfactory. Replaces an “F” in the regular grading system. No credit is granted for this course.

Grades of PCR, DCR, and NCR will not be computed in a student’s GPA.  

CO grades will not be used to impose financial aid sanctions as courses with CO grades will be treated essentially as transfer credit whereby the student gets credit for courses but not grades as long as they earn credit for the course. This does not apply to NCR courses.

NCR graded courses will count as attempted hours but carry no grade penalty. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions and contact the Office of the Registrar at should you have additional questions or concerns.