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SAP Calculator

Satisfactory Academic Progress Calculator Instructions

  1. You will use information listed on your unofficial transcript from Banner Rams Online: Attempted Hours, Passed Hours, GPA Hours, and Quality Points to place in the appropriate space under “Current Status.” Then include any transfer hours under Attempted Hours and Passed Hours. This should give you your current cumulative GPA prior to your current term at WSSU.
  2. Go to “This Term” to put in your projected grades for each class during the current term you are attending, as well as the number of credits each class is worth. Please note that credits you have passed repeatedly that cannot be counted more than once toward your program of study are excluded from your passed credits. However, they are included in your attempted credits. Check the "repeated course" box if you have earned credit for this course in the past (i.e. received a grade of 'D-' or higher or 'P'). If you are taking more than five courses during the current term then click on “Add Another Class” to add any additional courses you are taking.
  3. The “Your Summary” box will give you a summary of your projected GPA and projected completion rate after the current semester has ended, as well as a projection on whether you will be meeting your SAP obligations after the current semester.
Current Status
Attempted Hours Passed Hours GPA Hours Quality Points
Total Institution
Total Transfer
Total Cumulative GPA:
This Term
Repeated Course Grade Credits
Course 1 Delete
Course 2 Delete
Course 3 Delete
Course 4 Delete
Course 5 Delete

Your projected GPA for this term is: 

Your projected Completion Rate for this term is: 

Your Summary

Projected Attempted Hours: 

Projected Passed Hours: 

Projected Completion Rate: 

Projected New Cumulative GPA: 

This calculator provides you with your term completion rate and GPA, but this is intended for your information only. This is NOT a measurement of your SAP status. Your official SAP status will be determined by The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid after each semester and communicated to you.