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Threat Assessment

Division of Student Affairs

The following link provides WSSU faculty, staff, and administration a means of communicating concerns about certain behaviors exhibited by WSSU students which are disruptive but not necessarily dangerous in nature. Please submit all concerns via the Incident Reporting Form.

Disruptive student behavior includes but is not limited to when a student's behavior interferes with other students, faculty or staff and their ability to optimally live and learn in the WSSU community (see below for examples of student behaviors which are appropriate to report). Such behaviors may be reported for follow up by Student Affairs staff whether witnessed first-hand or reported to you by another person.

By reporting your observations about a student, the Director of the Office of Community Standards & Civility (DOCSC) or Associate Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs (AVCSA) has the ability to follow up with the student as well as determine whether others in the community have made similar reports/observations. Certain cases may be reviewed by the Student Threat Assessment Team. In addition to submitting this form to the DOCSC or AVCSA, you may call 336-750-3201 to make a report directly.

**If a student's behavior appears dangerous/presents significant immediate concerns/poses a threat of harm to self or others, please contact the University Police Department immediately at 336-750-2911. For consultation on student behavior of any nature, please call the DOCSC or AVCSA at 336-750-3200.