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Locker room facilities on the 2nd floor include showers, changing areas, day use lockers, and rental lockers.

In order to maintain the privacy and safety of our patrons and the cleanliness of the facility, UREC prohibits the following items in the locker rooms:

  • Cameras
  • Use of cell phones
  • Recording devices
  • Food and Liquids other than water
  • Gum
  • Glass containers

Winston-Salem State University RecreationLocker Rooms

Locker rooms are available for all members and their guests. While the UREC staff routinely checks these areas, it is highly recommended that members/ guests secure their personal belongings in a locked locker and leave valuables at home. UREC is not responsible for any lost or stolen items, including items in lockers. Please report any suspicious behavior to UREC staff immediately. Day use lockers are available free of charge on a daily basis. Locker rentals are available at the Membership desk located on the Third Floor of UREC. Locks are available for a nominal charge at the Membership desk.

Day use of lockers are free of charge. Please bring your own lock. All contents must be removed from the locker prior to closing.

Rental Lockers Rates

  • $15.00 for a semester or summer period
  • $25.00 for an academic year
  • $35.00 for a calendar year

Locker Guidelines

  • Any contents collected from expired lockers will be bagged, held for 2 weeks and then discarded or donated to a local charity/ shelter.
  • Members/guests are responsible for their locker combination. Locker combinations may be stored in the member account at UREC. UREC recommends patrons keep the combination in their phones.
  • UREC is not responsible for contents left in lockers.

Administrative Clean

UREC has scheduled one Administrative Clean date per semester. All lockers must be cleaned out and locks removed by the renter before close on these dates. Renters may resume occupancy of their assigned locker on the first day of operation following the Administrative Clean date in December and June.


UREC recommends members bring a small towel with them for use in the facility. UREC does not provide towels for exercise areas nor for locker room showers. Please bring your own.