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Liability & Risk

Liability and Assumption of Risk Statement

By engaging in any Department of University Recreation (UREC) activities, the participant assumes the risk of physical and/or mental injury and agrees to release the university, its officers, employees and agents from all liability for injuries sustained by the participant.

The Department of University Recreation has gone to great lengths to make all activities and facilities as safe as possible, however, neither Winston-Salem State University nor the Department of University Recreation will assume responsibility for injuries incurred during the practice of fitness activities or participation in recreation programs.

Participation in all UREC activities is completely voluntary. Participants should be aware and understand that there is a risk of physical and/or mental injury in fitness/recreation activities and programs due to the inherent nature of the activities. Each participant assumes the risk of any harm or injuries caused by negligence or any intentional acts. Individuals participating in UREC activities (formal or informal), are highly encouraged to consult a physician and/or have a physical exam prior to participation. UREC strongly recommends participants secure adequate medical coverage.

Winston-Salem State University Recreation

Risks, Hazards and Physical Stresses

Risks, Hazards and Physical Stresses
Possible Hazards / Risk May Be Reduced By

Muscle pulls, cramps, sprains, strains, cuts, bruises, and other
injuries during normal activity

  • warming up
  • proper conditioning and form
  • proper use of equipment
  • proper attire and footwear
  • hydration
  • focus on the exercise
  • cooling down after exercising
  • consuming liquids before, during and after exercising
Heat exhaustion & heat stroke
  • decreasing the intensity level in high temperatures
  • hydration
  • light clothing
  • moving to air-conditioned facilities
Cardiovascular complication
(as a result of physical exertion)
  • proper conditioning and warm up
  • recognizing signs of fatigue
  • reacting responsibly to the warning signs of cardiovascular distress

Participants are responsible for the following:

  • Their own well-being
  • Taking proper precautions to assure their safety
  • Following safe procedures
  • Adjusting workouts in any program or workout to their own ability level
  • Avoiding unnecessary hazardous situations
  • Avoiding actions that may impede judgment or motor skills
  • Knowing their physical /health status and limitations prior to participation in any UREC activities
  • All financial obligations incurred leading up to and during treatment of an injury

Should any injury occur during participation in a UREC activity, an Injury Report Form must be completed and submitted to the Facility Supervisor.