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Peer Health Educators

PULSE - Peer Health Educators

The Bacchus and Gamma Peer Health Educators exist to educate other students on healthier living lifestyles.


Bacchus and Gamma Peer Health Educators purpose is to educate students about aids, HIV, STDs, and other health disparities to assist in promoting a conscious healthy being. Within our outreach, our organization uses various events to bring awareness of the risk of unhealthy life styles and habits, reveal statistics as it relates to the minority and African-American community specifically, and other health information; so that they may lead a productive and healthy lifestyle.

Mission & Objectives

It is the mission of the Bacchus and Gamma Peer Health Education organization to actively promote student and young adult based, campus and community-wide leadership on healthy and safe lifestyle decisions concerning alcohol abuse, tobacco use, illegal drugs use, unhealthy sexual practices and other high-risk behaviors.

The objectives of this organization are similar to its parent organization, the Bacchus network:

  • Create and foster a thriving young adult led peer education groups supporting health safety initiatives
  • Empower students to voice their options and needs to create a healthier and safer campus communities
  • Peer health educators
  • Develop and promote cutting edge resources and health promotion campaigns that support peer education, campus leadership, and activism on health and safety issues
  • Provide exceptional conferencing and training opportunities for students and young adults to support health and safety strategies
  • Encourage local forums on young adult health and safety concerns

Promoting Healthy Rams For Life Projects/Programs

  • Campus outreach programs
  • Community outreach programs
  • Mentoring for youth and peers
  • Advocates for healthy lifestyle adoption
  • Health education, promotion and awareness
  • Illness and STD prevention
  • Health screening and testing events

Join Us

To become a member of Bacchus and Gamma Peer Health Educators, come by the A.H. Ray Student Health Center to complete an application or contact Dr. Karen Williams, Peer Health Educator Advisor, at, 336-750-3447. If interested, please complete the application.