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Strengthening Academic Programs for Student Success

The office of Strengthening Academic Programs for Students Success (SAPSS) was conceived to serve WSSU’s diverse student body by helping to create supportive learning environments for students in a variety of disciplines. We recognize that to impact student success we must engage students and faculty, provide development opportunities for both, and collaborate with wide-ranging student success initiatives on campus.

SAPSS initiatives build upon key academic priorities of WSSU’s Strategic Plan and efforts are collaborative, involving all members of the campus community - administrators, faculty, staff, and students. At its core the SAPSS at WSSU is designed as a multi-faceted and comprehensive endeavor that seeks to increase the completion of and success in degree programs.

The SAPSS Initiatives at WSSU are designed with and for multiple campus stakeholders. Current Initiatives Include:

 NEW! We will recruit students to serve as LAs for the entire academic year!