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Logo Licensing

As the number of students, alumni, and supporters of Winston-Salem State University has grown, so too has the demand for University merchandise. To meet this demand, WSSU has created a Logo Licensing Program.

The Logo Licensing Program at WSSU was developed to protect the rights to and the use of the institution's marks. A logo licensing program gives the university control over its logos and marks, thus, ensuring the quality and consistency of all of the university's merchandise. It also enables the university to generate revenue from the sale of Merchandise bearing its logos and marks. The revenue is used to fund academic scholarships, facility improvements and athletics. Outside of the university, the trademark licensing program creates a cooperative and positive working relationship with the manufacturers and retailers who work with the university.

Winston-Salem State University has registered its names, initials, and logos (trademarks) as a means of protecting them from unauthorized use and abuse. Permission is required before they may be reproduced. The use of the university's marks on a web site is also protected by federal trademark laws.

WSSU's licensing program is now handled by the Learfield Licensing Partners (LLP). You may visit their To learn more about our program visit the Learfield Licensing Partners website. Anyone interested in being licensed to produce items using the WSSU logos should contact LLP.'


WSSU Ram head Logo