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SuperUser Zones

SuperUsers and Associated Responsibilities
Name Department Area of Responsibilities
Tarina Whitfield AAS All non-designated areas
Daniel Beaudoin AAS All non-designated areas
Savita Dawalbhakta AAS Backend Coding
Laura Huff OIMC Marketing Level Pages (i.e.Our Programs), 
Emergency Management
Cathy Hoots OIMC Admissions, Registrar, Financial Aid
Ashlea Jones OIMC News and Events
Mary McComb OIMC Marketing Level Pages
Jacqueline Jenkins Finance & Administration Finance & Administration
Tiffany Turner Legal Affairs Legal Affairs
Jamesina Woodyard CASBE The College
Nissa Vongphakdy CASBE The College
Ian Hertz C.G. O'Kelly Library C.G. O'Kelly Library
James Pao UCALL University College & Lifelong Learning
Janet Stevens Police & Public Safety Emergency Management,
Lost and Found
James Cherry Police & Public Safety Emergency Management, General
Christopher Wendt SOHS SOHS - Physical Therapy
Alvita Byers BRIC Biomedical Research and Infrastructure Center
Austin Grier Audit, Risk, and Compliance Audit, Risk, and Compliance
Jeremiah Shipp CITI Center for Innovation &Transformative Instruction
Corretta Montaque CSEM Center for Study of Economic Mobility