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Facilities and Equipment

Our facility is located on the campus of Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center. The Human Performance and Biodynamics Lab has state of the art equipment, over 2000 square feet of laboratory space and a 12 foot high ceiling. Featuring a 30 foot walking track with a 3D optical motion capture system. The space also includes office space with computers for lab staff and students.

Our digital, real-time system consists of 10 motion capture cameras and software to record and analyze complex movements with extreme accuracy. Real-time capabilities allow us to see captured results as the task is being performed. These cameras use reflective markers attached to the body to triangulate locations in 3 dimensional space. Four force plates embedded into the floor are used to measure ground reaction forces. Using data collected from the cameras and force plates, we are able to calculate joint forces and moments for a variety of movements including walking, running, throwing, jumping, kicking and swinging.

A collaboration between Wake Forest University School of Medicine and Winston-Salem State University School of Health Sciences