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Human Performance and Biodynamics Lab

The Human Performance and Biodynamics Laboratory is a collaboration between Wake Forest University School of Medicine's Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Winston-Salem State University's Department of Physical Therapy. Physical therapists, physicians, and biomedical engineers design and conduct research in movement science and mentor students in motion analysis.

Since physical therapists, biomedical engineers, medical students, and orthopaedic surgeons are all involved in the lab, we are positioned to solve challenging problems that are often multidisciplinary in nature.

Human Performance and Biodynamics Lab

Using state of the art technology, researchers focus on investigating rehabilitation approaches on a wide variety of musculoskeletal diseases, evaluating orthopaedic implants and surgical techniques, and evaluating sports capabilities.

Awards & Recognition

Congratulations to Jen Bent for finishing in 3rd place in the student research competition at the 2012 NCPTA Fall Conference and Chapter Meeting for her poster "Hip Joint Torques During a Golf Swing After a Total Hip Replacement: A Case Series." Ms. Bent's supporting faculty mentor was Dr. Judy Foxworth.

Congratulations to Christina Schuka, Andrew Ingle, and Cornelia Majette for winning the 2012 Outstanding Student Research Award for their project, "Effects of Low Back Pain on Spine Rotation, Forward Reach, and Sit-to-Stand Activities". Supporting faculty mentors were Drs. H. Radwan and E. White.

A collaboration between Wake Forest University School of Medicine and Winston-Salem State University School of Health Sciences