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Excellence in Research: Attitudes, Motivations, and Justifications Surrounding Intimate Partner Violence among Black College Students
Dr. Naomi Hall-Byers funded by the National Science Foundation

Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is a serious public health issue and associated with numerous adverse psychological, physical, and emotional health outcomes. Black men and women experience a disproportionate amount of IPV when compared to other racial groups. This study seeks to understand IPV perpetration and victimization among Black college students by testing a social psychologically grounded conceptual model. There are few available studies focused on how Black college students experience elevated levels of IPV, and that IPV is associated with numerous adverse psychological, physical, emotional, and educational outcomes. Most of the IPV research focused on Black college students was done with those attending predominately-White institutions (PWIs); however, 25% of African American college graduates attend a historically Black college/university (HBCUs). This study will not only contributes to the scientific understanding of IPV perpetration and victimization in general, but also the importance of understanding the human, economic, and psychological costs of IPV, which is a significant area of inquiry for social psychologists.