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Faculty Senate

"Advocacy, Student Centeredness and Innovation"

Welcome from the Faculty Senate Chair

It is with great pleasure that I show how privileged I am to serve as your Faculty Senate Chairperson. New academic years allow for innovative approaches to instruction, service, and engagement with our RAMS. We have all endured a challenging year and a half as well as experienced events that we did not expect. Nevertheless, we persevered, worked tirelessly, and ensured that our students continued to have a solid foundation. The Faculty Senate Executive Committee and your Departmental Senators look forward to representing you. The actions taken by the Senate affect almost all aspects of your university life. Therefore, we will be engaged in all university operations so that we can continue to grow and flourish at good Ole State U.

Representation matters, therefore, being an informed and engaged professor is critical in helping all of us move forward as a body and institution. It is vitally important that you be familiar with the policies of your Department, College, School and University. Shared Governance has always been an area of focus for me, and we will continue to ensure that our voices are heard as university decision making occurs at all levels. More importantly, collaborating between administration, faculty and staff, teamwork and of course accountability is critical in instructional efficacy and morale.

We look forward to a very productive academic year! This year we will continue to have our senate and general faculty meetings via Zoom on the second Thursday (Senate) and fourth Thursday (General Faculty) from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m..

It continues to be a privilege serving at this institution and I look forward to advocating for you all. My platform of Advocacy, Student Centeredness, and Innovation will be paramount in ensuring that faculty 1) have a voice; 2) decisions made are student- centered; 3) and we are provided with innovative resources and training to assist our students in performing at their highest levels.

To all of you, thank you for choosing to be part of this great institution, welcome, and have a great year.

In Solidarity and Service,

Jack S. Monell
Chair, Faculty Senate