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Which Way Do I Go? Starting Your Grant Activities

  • Important First Step - Go to Fact and Banner Training. Learn how to apply for p-cards, locate pre-travel documents and personnel forms.
  • Know what's helpful to Contracts and Grants. Know the content of your grants and learn the source of your fund number.
  • Know the answers to our Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Banner Fund # Description Funder Your Rep
110XXX General Fund State Appropriation annually
120XXX Overhead Receipts Generated from grant (210XXX) C&G
130XXX Budgeted Institutional Trusts State Appropriation (Fees) Budget
140XXX Unbudgeted Institutional Trusts Fees, Vendors, Operations Budget
210XXX Budgeted Contract-Grant Grants & contracts federal, state and local sources C&G
230XXX Restricted Scholarship Fellowship Investment interest, seldom receive new money from Donors Endowment Accountant
830XXX Unbudgeted University Agencies Funds held for others, clubs and organizations Internal to